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  "If I found in any way, shape or form
  that he [Saddam Hussein] was developing
  weapons of mass destruction, I'd
  take 'em out."
                         George W. Bush

MID-EAST REALITIES - www.MiddleEast.Org - Washington - 6/6/00:

Iraq is effectively destroyed and in a modern-day techno-genocide some 10% of its population has been killed and the country neutralized from the major role it use to play in the affairs of the Middle East.  The human suffering is incalculable.  More than a million children have perished.  Three top officials from the U.N. charged with overseeing the U.N.'s "humanitarian" program in Iraq, including Assistant Secretary-General Denis Haliday, have resigned in moral disgust.

Israel and the U.S. are the main beneficiaries and the ones that have brought this about; the Arab "client regimes" -- especially those in Riyadh, Kuwait, Amman, Cairo and the Gulf -- are among those who also helped bring this about, hoping to perpetuate their own corrupt and repressive rule and wealth.

The former Attorney General of the United States, Ramsey Clark, has had the courage and conviction from the beginning to call U.S. policies genocidal and "war crimes" -- but hardly anyone in the main-stream media dares to speak up or to allow anyone, like Clark, to do so.

An "October Surprise" is likely again this year.  The Clinton-Gore team is working ferociously to cajole Yasser Arafat into a deal that will be signed and sealed in the pre-election period, helping push Gore into the White House for the immediate years ahead and shield Clinton from all he still faces once he is a private citizen.

Even so, the outcome of the American election is up in the air right now and many are understandably betting that the Bush-Powell (at State)-McCain (at Defense) triumverate is likely to take power come next January, no longer that far away.

The Bush camp is littered with militarists of various stripes.  They are pushing hard for a huge "missile defense" scheme that will enrich the arms builders by more than $100 billion in the decade ahead, even at the risk of igniting a new international arms race and even with major experts explaining that defeating and tricking such a system will not only be possible but cost just a pittance in comparison.

And if Bush and his team do come to power, the real goal is not going to be just to "take 'em out" -- referring to the assortment of hodge-podge weapons of mass destruction Iraq is understandable trying desperately to build at this point -- but to remove Saddam Hussein and set up a compliant client regime in a weakened and dependent Iraq.  Of course, the western powers have much collective experience when it comes to weak and compliant "client regimes".

Bush made the above comment publicly at the beginning of the year on 26 January.  His
foreign policy team includes many who want to not just take out Iraq's weapons at any cost but to totally topple the Iraqi regime, even at the risk of a possible Middle Eastern version of the "Bay of Pigs", even at the risk of creating a new wave of anti-American sentiment in the region with ramifications hard to predict in the years ahead.

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