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               Incompetent, Corrupt, Demoralizing

 Recently MER has published a number of articles about the realities
 of the well-known Arab American organizations, those who control
 them, and the April "Right of Return" conference in Boston.  Here
 are some of the Readers Comments recently received:

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"Interesting articles. A lot of the accusations are correct
and that is based on my experiences..."
        Farouq R. Shafie - Ann Arbor, MI

"I have had some of the same experiences as a non-Jew non-Arab...
It makes me sick at times."
    Lisa Cantrell

"I agree with your assessment..."
    Dan McGowan
    Professor, Hobart & William Smith Colleges

"I found your article most interesting and telling."
    Paul Fritz-Nemeth - Verdun, Qc, Canada

"You're doing great work... Thanks so much.
    Katharina Harlow, California

"I was not suprised with your ordeal with some Arab organizations...
They are paid to praise the particular regimes while paying lip
service to the main issues on Palestine.  I am ashamed of their
attitude and hope that would not deter you from keeping up the
good work of exposing the truth."
    Michael James Jaffer

"The Arab-Americans groups are even worse than you said, and Maksoud
is even worse than Zogby... They function to protect the regimes
from criticism, and to make money and business contacts for themselves...
They shun and demoralize and spread false rumors about any who
criticize or challenge them.  Thank you for the courage and decency
and understanding to rightly do just that.  This is very rare."
    Name withheld by request

"As an Arab-American activist completely frustrated with the Arab
Americans in this country and their organizations, I agreed with
a lot you had to say.  I am conistently flabbergasted by the
incompetence, self-congratulatory, self-righteous manners of many
of the people that I try to work with on the Palestine and Iraq
issues.  I promised myself that I would never work with Arab
Americans again after putting together a recent week long
solidarity event for Palestine..."
    Eman Desouki - political activist and fouth year college student.

"I read your piece concerning Arab Americans....  I totally agree
with you and with Robert Fisk. I attended the convention
[on the "Right of Return" in Boston] and was so disappointed..."
    Seif Da'Na

"I just read your article...  You echo my sentiments exactly."
    David Campbell

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