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                   TRAPPED AT CAMP DAVID

 "It is time to maneuver Arafat front and center
 before the world's attention to sign away long-standing
 Palestinian rights in exchange for a miserably
 servile and everywhere repressive quasi-Statelet
 encompassing about 15% of what was Palestine and
 everywhere surrounded by the Israeli army and
 manipulated by the CIA and Shinbet."

MID-EAST REALITIES - MER - www.MiddleEast.Org - Washington - 7/20/00:
They've got him right where they want him.  Yasser Arafat has nowhere to go.  With the flip of a phrase in a letter written to Clinton and immediately leaked to the world former commando General Ehud Barak has made it known how quickly Arafat and his "Authority" can be switched from client regime to "not a partner for peace".  The threat is quite more money, no more guns, no more protection, if Arafat, Shaath, and company don't eventually sign on the dotted line and do what they are told.

That's the threat.  But it is the bribe which the U.S. and Israel are counting on actually.  Just agree to the long-planned Israeli "autonomy" formulations -- substantially repackaged to make them look much different from the past (which in fact they are not) -- and billions yearly will flow into the coffers of the "Authority" from which many tens of millions at the least can be siphoned off into the private accounts of Arafat's lieutenants and cronies and banking/business buddies.

Arafat is trapped and cornered.  But that then was the purpose of Camp David all along, and explains why Barak was so desperate to bring it about.  It is also however a pickle of Arafat's own creation and ineptitude -- as much as a testament to the conquering role played by Washington and Israel in the affairs of the Middle East at this time in history.

Just as the U.S. and Israel are tremendously superior militarily and economically, they have a similar advantage when it comes to the chessboard of world politics.

Unlike the backward, corrupt, and inept Arab regimes, the Americans and the Israelis have detailed psychological profiles on all the Arabs involved at Camp David -- they know how they tick.  They have been monitoring the private conversations of Arafat and key advisers for years now; including everything that goes in and out of Camp David.  They have the goods on everyone -- knowing the dirty little secrets of their corruption, scandals, and secret bank accounts.

In short, the whole purpose of insisting Arafat come to Camp David and be secluded there was always big-time manipulation after many years of preparations just for this very event.  The time for Arafat to finally pay the huge price he has been put in place to fork over is now ever at hand.

Most of what is going at Camp David is political theatrics.  It is all designed not only to corner and trap Arafat, but to package everything in such a way that Arafat's
capitulate will be sufficiently masked to give him a chance of selling what is essentially a sell-out and a dictate to his own people.

The real sticking point at Camp David in fact is not what the ever compliant mass media has been focusing on -- Jerusalem and settlements.  For these matters have been extensively discussed for quite some time now; and how to fudge them over was pretty much decided before Camp David even began.

The real stickler at Camp David is Israeli determination to trap the Palestinian people forever in an agreement they are forcing Arafat to sign that "ends the
conflict" on Israeli terms -- that "ends the conflict" with key issues, especially the fate of some 4 million refugees, left hanging; which "ends the conflict" with Israel dominant in all spheres of concern including with the great majority of settlements and settlers in place and maybe formally annexed; which "ends the conflict" with the Palestinians everywhere surrounded, controlled, and co-opted and  divided.

Meanwhile, the dominant American press is doing its usual miserable job with all this.  When it comes to matters relating to Israel and U.S. foreign policy, the press is little but a mouthpiece chorus for Washington and the Israelis, while shamefully allowing itself to be constantly manipulated by the many tentacles of the powerful Israeli/Jewish lobby.   Almost no serious historical perspective is brought in; almost no discussion of the real political maneuvering going on is discussed; almost no dissection of how the Palestinians have been saddled with a corrupt and repression regime functioning as an arm of the Israeli occupation takes place.

And so, Arafat's big big bill is now coming due.  Arafat now faces the result of his ongoing mistakes and capitulations of the past.   It is now finally time to get Arafat's signature on the papers of "the final peace" and to parade him one more time in front of the world...before he passes on and like Sadat there is no one able to undue what has been done.  It is time to maneuver Arafat front and center before the world's attention to sign away long-standing Palestinian rights in exchange for a miserably servile quasi-Statelet encompassing about 15% of what was Palestine and everywhere surrounded by the Israeli army and manipulated by the CIA and Shinbet.

No wonder Barak and Clinton are working so feverishly.  There moment of triumph is at hand.  And in the short-term there is no one left to stand in their way.

But for those who think this "final peace" is going to be a final peace...hardly so.
The manipulators, so busy cashing in with their current power, are not focusing their attention on what counter-reactions and counter-currents their ongoing duplicity and canniving are likely to set in motion.

The Middle East "peace" of the year 2000 launching the 21st century and consolidating the gains of the "new world order" is probably destined to be like that which emerged from the "Paris Peace Conference" in 1918, another "peace to end all peace".

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