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             "This 'peace' is a lie - they are
             cheating us, laughing at us."*
                          Palestinian living in occupied West Bank*

MER Editorial - Washington - 8/4/97:

Now leader of the Labor Party, former General Ehud Barak -- himself in reality a hard-liner whose major efforts for the past 10 years have been to crush the Intifada, and the man who commanded the assassination of the PLO's #2 in Tunis a decade ago -- has recently called Netanyahu a "blind goat." He is hoping of course, as is Washington and the Arafat regime, to use the chaos brought on by the terror to bring his party back to power in Israel.

And indeed one day Labor will be back in power -- maybe not too distant a day. The Arab "client-regimes", now with Arafat as point man, will smile and shake hands profusely. The American government, parroted by much of the compliant media, will harken a new dawn for the renewed "peace process". But only the style of things, not the real substance of things, will change.

We've all been through this "good cop - bad cop" cycle quite a few times now. It was the Labor party that began the settlements policy in the first place, including allowing fanatics to settle in downtown Hebron.

It is the Labor party that has always bragged about the ongoing "Judaiization of Jerusalem," with Labor Mayor Teddy Kolleck himself cavalierly insisting he'd never done anything for the Arabs!  It is the Labor Party that conceived of the "autonomy" for Palestinians plan back in the late 1960s when Israel had exceedingly close relations with Apartheid South Africa and the Bantustans policy there was something of an unspoken model.  And it is the Labor Party that came up with the "Gaza First" approach, essentially designed to let the swelling Gaza ghetto be taken care of by others, including the gullible international community!

The goals of modern-day sophisticated terrorism are political and historical. And now the politicians on all sides are using and twisting what has happened, and what is likely to continue to happen, to perpetuate their game of political musical chairs without amending the basic policies that have created today's desperate situation.

In the end, however, so long as the U.S. continues to back Israeli occupation with ever greater amounts of money, guns, and political protection, little will change and the "peace process" will remain a grand deception breeding resistance, hatred, and yes, more terrorism.

 And the following report from the Agence France Press tells
 another part of the story largely unreported in the USA:

AIN HELWE, Lebanon, Aug 1 (AFP) - "About 300 Palestinian refugees demonstrated support here on Friday for the deadly Islamic suicide bombings in Jerusalem, chanting "Death to Israel, Death to Jews."

The protest was organized by about 30 Islamic militants carrying machine guns over their shoulders and dressed in black with scarves covering their faces, correspondents reported.

The demonstrators came out of a mosque after Friday prayers in the Palestinian refugee camp of Ain Helwe, outside the main southern Lebanese port city of Sidon. Moslem religious leaders and heads of the Iranian-backed Hezbollah, which spearheads anti-Israeli attacks in south Lebanon, led the hour-long demonstration and denounced Yasser Arafat's Palestinian Authority.

"We must pursue the Jihad (holy war)," and "No to Arafat, Yes to HAMAS, we want suicide operations," the demonstrators chanted. The Islamic Resistance Movement (HAMAS) claimed responsibility for the twin suicide bombings in a Jerusalem market that killed 13 Israelis on Wednesday. Ain Helwe, home to nearly 50,000 Palestinian refugees, is one of several such camps in Lebanon. The refugees strongly oppose Arafat's peace deal with Israel because it does not allow them the right to return to Palestinian territories."

* 65-year old Palestinian, Abdel Qadir Ghneimat, Surif, occupied West Bank, 8/3/97, NYT.

TOMORROW FROM MER, another Flashback to August three years ago:
"Why We Are All Suicide Bombers" by Dr. Eyad Sarraj,
internationally recognized human rights expert in Gaza.

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