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                Amer - Geneva, Switzerland

I have been receiving your e-mails for a number of years and
found many of the press releases very informative and of course,
controversial...  Thank you for your continual hard work.

        Carol K. Powell - Madison, WI

I have been following MER for a while now, and I belive that the
organization is doing a great job.Take Care

            Mowafa Househ - Canada

Dear Colleagues:
...I sent out the other day with the following article by Mark Bruzonsky,
who heads up MER -- an excellent source of news about the Palestine-
Israel situation.

            Grover Furr  - Montclair State University

I would like, please, to receive MERLIST messages regularly on the subject
of Palestine.  (Someone forwarded your Sharon/Barak message to me and I
found it very interesting.)
            Zoë Mars  - Academic Secretary, University of Sussex

Your doing great work.  Please send articles to
                Chris Barghout


I have been introduced to your work recently think it is a positive step
toward change.

        Saleem Abughoush - Gaza
        Technical Support Unit for the Joint Economic Committee

I would be interested in receiving updates from MER regularily.
Thank-you very much.,

            Kim Alphandary - Costa Rica

I enjoy reading your articles. A refreshing point of view. I would
like to bring a point to your attention... Thank you for your
wonderful efforts.

        Prof. Mohammad Mafi, Ph.D., P.E. - Union College

Please Send MER.  Thank you for the good and crucial work of telling
the truth.

            Dan Simmons

Please put me on your E-Mail list.  I find your message to be
truthful and needed!

           Matthew Karres

Thanks for the good laugh-what scathing remarks (the Ashrawi piece...!
That was another brilliant commentary. I used to admire her a lot...
Now you have given me a new lense to see through...  I'm impressed.

           Andrea - Norway

First of all I think that your site is a great one, with tons of
information and education tools that help further the Palestinian

            Zahia El-Masri Hasan - Phoenix, AZ.

I'm Lebanese, living in Beirut.  I discovered your web site by chance
through the yahoo search. Obviously I'm interested in the middle east
politics  and I would love to suscribe...  You are doing a great job.

            Laury Haytayan -  Beirut, Lebanon

Very impacting and powerful site. I just wish there was something I
could do to stop that suffering. I can and will volunteer for ANYTHING.
You have brought a people's suffering to the eyes of the world, and
for that you should be commended.

            Michael Lloyd

While flipping through my cable channels I randomly landed on a show
hosted by Mr. Bruzonsky on the state of the Middle East peace process.
After watching only the last 3-5 minutes of the discussion I was amazed
by Mr. Bruzonsky's objective observations regarding the political
strategies, conflicts of interests, and ulterior motives of participants
on both sides of the "peace isle."

            Amer Abughazaleh" - Virginia

Hi! What an awesome Website MER is!  It's Quite INFORMATIVE!
I lived in the Mid-East from 1982-1986. Imagine what I had been
through?  Please let me know what I can do to help!


I have just read what is really going on at Camp David and suspect it
is accurate - but am curious about the source of your information.
Do not mean to doubt your word but would like to understand how 'an
outsider' gets this kind of input.   Thank you for what you are doing
to keep us informed about the truth rather than what the media prints
(which I don't read any more)  Peace...

             Robyn J. Wolf

Your material is A1, and it makes me think - because of that - that it
can't last as you would be a target for infiltration or the planting
of cleverly structured false information designed just so that you
publish it, and thereby discredit yourselves.  That you are still
highly credible is because both possibilities, i am sure, are foremost
in your minds at all times.  Keep up the good work. I would like to
send you $.   How do i do this?

            Michael  Mazur - Brunswick, Australia

Many thanks for this report . All I can say it is absolutely amazing,
or maybe it should not be amazing, at how facts are twisted and
reported in false way...  Again thank you for this post so obvious
and yet so hidden and twisted.

            Klaus Meier - Bruderhof, PA

Incisive article, you put a swathe thru all the hypocrites pretending
to help the Palestinians.
            Michael Mazur  - Israel

I'm a student of international sciences (Middle aest area).  I'm like
much your work with MER TV and if you want i wanna help you for my
country (Italy).  In Italy is very important that people know the
real situation in the Middle East...

        Francesco Basile - Italy

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