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MID-EAST REALITIES -- www.MiddleEast.Org - Washington - 8/2700:
    Something is basically wrong in this pictue:
    While Arafat and his corrupt de-facto PM Nabil Sha'ath -- controllers of the new bantustans of Palestine -- run around the globe bowing to those who provide them their money and guns and now indicating that  the "Sate" isn't going to be "declared" on September 13th afterall...the Israelis (with the help of the CIA and Arafat's secret police) continue hunting down other Palestinians who understandably oppose the new even more canniving bondage they are being subjected to.
    While Edward Said goes to meet with the head of Hezbollah in Lebanon (about whom he then has many complimentary things to say), the same Edward Said continues his long refusal to meet with the head of Hamas in his own now doubly occupied Palestine.
    While the confused and manipulated Arab American client-organizations continue their long history of always misorganizing themselves,  about the wrong issues, and in the wrong ways -- currently in the form of "Right of Return" -- historic agreements are being finalized that are in fact designed to permanently prevent the very "Right of Return".  Yet those agreements aren't even the subject of their challenge nor do they seem to understand that if they were serious about their concerns they would be directed their protests much closer to home by demonstrating outside the offices of the Arab League (where Arafat has his offices) as well as at the doorsteps of the Embassies of Egypt, Jordan, and Saudi Arabia when they straggle into Washington in a few weeks.
    This AP story from last evening tells a small part of what is really happening to the Palestinian people these days, and the message from the Israelis to all concerned is quite clear: The Israeli Army remains in charge now and will remain so in the future:

 NABLUS, West Bank (AP - 26 Aug) -- Hundreds of Israeli soldiers sealed off a  West Bank village known as an Islamic militant stronghold late Saturday, and  witnesses said they heard repeated bursts of gunfire.

 Two helicopters flew above the village, Assira Ashamalieh, and trained bright
 spotlights on the homes and surrounding fields.

 One resident, Nidal Daglas, speaking by telephone, said he was standing on the
 roof of his home when he heard intensive gunfire.

 "I didn't know what was going on. I went downstairs, and when I was near the
 entrance of my home, I was hit in the leg by a bullet," he said.

 Daglas said soldiers initially refused to let an ambulance into the village,
      but that he eventually received medical treatment.

 The village is known as a stronghold of the Islamic militant group Hamas, and
 the top Hamas fugitive in the West Bank, Mahmoud Abu Hanud, has relatives

 Abu Hanud is believed to be the mastermind of two suicide bombings in
 Jerusalem in 1997 in which 45 people, including five Hamas assailants, were

 Abu Hanud's sister-in-law, speaking by telephone, said hundreds of soldiers
  were searching the village late Saturday, but had not come to her home.

 She said she heard intensive gunfire for about 10 minutes, and that troops
 prevented residents from leaving their homes.

 Other witnesses said that despite the army curfew, hundreds of villagers
 poured into the streets, burned tires and chanted: "With our spirit and
 our blood, we will edeem you, Abu Hanoud."

 he helicopters trained spotlights on the fields between the village and
 the nearby Palestinian town of Nablus in an apparent hunt for fugitives.

 Assira Asshamalieh is under joint Israeli-Palestinian control, while Nablus
 is under full Palestinian jurisdiction, meaning those seeking refuge there
 are out of the reach of the Israeli security forces.

   Early reports are that at least three Israeli soldiers were killed in this latest hunting down of the Palestinian resistance, but it is unclear at this point if it was accidental "friendly fire" or the result of gunfights with Palestinians.  It is know that Arafat's many armed groups did not challenge the Israelis nor defend their own people.  It is not yet know how many Palestinians were killed by the Israelis this time, nor how many have been arrested.  It is believed some of the key Palestinians the Israelis were searching for fled to the city of Nablus where they are now under arrest and being interrogated by Arafat's Authority, which now has very close ties to the CIA, Shinbet, and Jordanian Muhabarat.
   This latest Israeli assault comes just days after Prime Minister Barak, in a less veiled way than in the past, appealed to Ariel Sharon, leader of the Likud, to join in a national unity government to assert Israel's will on the Palestinians and the region in the crucial months ahead.
   The assault may also be an attempt to provoke Hamas and others into more attacks on Israelis so that these attacks can then be used to further manipulate world public opinion and further pressure Yasser Arafat to sign the essentially surrender and "end the conflict" agreements that the U.S. and Israel have manuevered Arafat toward for the past decade, most recently at Camp David.

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