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MID-EAST REALITIES - - Washington - 8/29/00:

It's hardly the first time.

Former Prime Minister Shamir called the Palestinians "grasshoppers", suggesting
they were like a plague.

A former Chief of Staff of the Israeli Army, Raful Eitan, likened the Palestinians
to "drugged cockroaches in a bottle", suggesting extermination.

Just a few weeks ago a former Chief Rabbi of Israel, now spiritual head of the party
that initially made up a significant part of Ehud Barak's government, called the
Palestinians "snakes" and in a veiled genocidal suggestion insisted that "God
himself was sorry he created them"!

Now Barak himself refers to the Palestinians he has penned up on autonomous
West Bank reservations and in a large Gaza prison as "crocodiles", deceitfully
suggesting just about the opposite of what is the actual truth when he told
Israeli reporters yesterday, "the more you give them to eat, the more they want."

Just imagine if a Palestinian or Arab leader had said any one of these things about
Jews or Israelis.  The double standard is choking with condemnation.

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