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MID-EAST REALITIES - www.MiddleEast.Org - Washington - 9/15/00:

Remember the classic movie THE STING, with Robert Redford?  Well that's about what is going on these days on the Middle East diplomatic battlefield.  Yasser Arafat is the "mark".  World public opinion is also in play and targeted.

Read the article below just in the from Associated Press.

What you aren't told is that the writer, Barry Schweid, is one of the most pro-Zionist Israeli-oriented journalists in Washington, one often used to play things
Israel's way.

What you aren't told is that Martin Indyk, currently Ambassador to Israel, is an Israeli/Jewish lobby payoff person who has been working for Israelis interests most of his life, once lived in Israel, and rumor has it even wore the Israeli military uniform.  Moreover, Mr. Indyk was brought to Washington by "the lobby" in the 1980s to head up the lobby's think tank.  Then, during the first Clinton campaign he was tasked to Little Rock headquarters, as were other loyal Israeli de facto agents such as Rahum Emmanual.  The head of "the lobby" was even overheard at that time bragging that he had placed Indyk and about a dozen operatives in Little Rock and if Clinton got elected he would be Israel's man in the White House.

At the time Indyk wasn't even an American citizen.  But shortly after Clinton got elected he became one and sure enough, as a reward for so much help getting elected Clinton put him in the National Security Council as head of Middle East Affairs.  A few years later he was made Assistant Secretary of State for the Middle East.  Then a few years ago Ambassador to Washington.

What you aren't told is that practically the entire State Department "negotiating team" is made up of American Jews who formerly worked for the Israeli/Jewish lobby in one way or another and are all close friends of Indyk.

What you have going on here is a scam, a "sting".  It's all designed to push Yasser Arafat over the edge and get him to sign the "end the conflict" documents before its too late and both he is gone from the scene.  The Israelis are desperate to get this done, and want very much to use Clinton to do it if at all possible, though they have Gore waiting in the wings (and if necessary will use Bush in one way or another).

All this is the real context of this AP story right now being widely distributed for use in tomorrow's newspapers.  But don't expect the AP, or the NYTimes, or CNN, to tell you this crucial background and context!

If you haven't seen "THE STING", head on over to Blockbusters right now and get it for the weekend!


            By BARRY SCHWEID, AP Diplomatic Writer

NEW YORK (AP - 12:20 pm 9/15/00:) -- Amid a desperate drive by the
Clinton administration to forge a Mideast peace agreement, the U.S.
ambassador to Israel is calling on the Israelis and the Palestinians to
share the holy city of Jerusalem.

``There is no other solution,'' Martin Indyk said in Jerusalem. ``It is
not, and cannot be the exclusive preserve of one religion.''

Indyk, in his second term in the Tel Aviv post after heading the State
Department's Near East bureau, appeared to be leaning on Israel and the
Palestinians to strike a compromise deal.

``The solution cannot come from one side challenging or denying another
side's beliefs,'' Indyk said Thursday upon receiving an honorary degree
from Hebrew Union College. ``Here, too, mutual respect is the foundation for
any agreement.''

It was not clear whether the U.S. ambassador, a longtime advocate of
Israeli concessions to the Palestinians, was endorsing Yasser Arafat's
demand for sovereignty over east Jerusalem.

Both President Clinton, as a mediator, and Israel have offered to share
control over holy sites with the Palestinians.

But Prime Minister Ehud Barak has ruled out redividing the city, which
Israel united during the 1967 Mideast war. He has proposed limited
Palestinian control over some Arab neighborhoods within and just
outside the city.

Barak also has offered the Palestinians a state on virtually all of the
West Bank and Gaza.

In Washington, meanwhile, Clinton said in an exchange with reporters at
the White House that he was not expecting a breakthrough in the
protracted push for an Israeli-Palestinian agreement.

``We should all wait and see,'' Clinton said. ``They know they are on a
short time frame, and they are working it.''

As Secretary of State Madeleine Albright opened a new round of talks
with Israeli and Palestinian negotiators in New York, Crown Prince Abdullah
of Saudi Arabia backed Arafat's demand for east Jerusalem and rejected U.S.
calls for a compromise.

``There is nothing to negotiate about and compromise on when it comes to
Jerusalem,'' he said Thursday.

Speaking to a group of Arab-American and Muslim leaders, Abdullah said:
``Jerusalem is important to the hearts of all Muslims and in fact it's
in the heart of everybody with a sense of humanity. This is something on
which there can be no compromise.''

Saudi Arabia is considered one of the United States' best friends in the
Arab world. Its leaders usually exert their influence privately.

The crown prince has been running the affairs of Saudi Arabia since King
Fahd suffered a stroke in 1995. Abdullah is in New York for the U.N.
Millennium Summit.

Here, Israeli Foreign Minister Shlomo Ben-Ami asked a group of European
foreign ministers headed by Hubert Vedrine of France to urge Arafat to
conclude an agreement with Israel.

Ben-Ami told the European Union delegation Friday that ``this is crunch
time'' and that the peace process may last only another 20 days to two
weeks, an Israeli official told The Associated Press on condition of

Hopes for an agreement between Israel and the Palestinians depend
heavily on resolving their dispute over Jerusalem.

Albright, at a news conference Thursday, called Jerusalem ``the most
delicate subject.''

She held separate meetings with a Palestinian negotiating group headed
by Saeb Erekat and, over dinner, with Ben-Ami.

Albright's senior aide, Dennis Ross, also met with the two sides and
planned to hold further talks with them Saturday.

A senior Palestinian official, Nabil Shaath, was to meet later Friday
with Sandy Berger, Clinton's national security adviser, at the White House.

``We will keep working, step by step,'' State Department spokesman
Richard Boucher said.

The goal, Albright said, was to find a formula that the two sides can

It was not clear how much longer the administration will persist in its
uphill struggle. Ben-Ami is scheduled to return to Jerusalem on Monday

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