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               "I Would Be A Terrorist" - Rabin's successor

MER - Washington - 25 March:

Finally there's some serious progress -- even only if psychological, even if as yet most uncertain in result.

If there is ever to be an Israeli-Palestinian peace that takes hold and offers hope for reconciliation, it will require a kind of changed mind of the kind that brought Apartheid to an end in South Africa.   And that in turn will require a kind of psychological metamorphosis that has yet to come within Israeli society.   Today's misnomered "Peace Process" tragically has more similarities to the apartheid of old than differences from it; and has made the situation for Palestinians far more difficult and desperate than before the days of the "Intifada".

Former General Ehud Barak's comment earlier this month that if he had been born a Palestinian he would now be a terrorist might be a turning point -- at least psychologically.

Or, it may have been a candid comment said by mistake in public that will quickly shrivel and fade.

Whatever, the two-second comment answering a TV reporter's simple yet profound question, is reverberating throughout Israel; and rightly it should.

Barak like Rabin made his life in the military killing Palestinians and brutally enforcing Israel's occupation and destruction policies.  He replaced Shimon Peres as head of the Labor Party last year precisely because he was thought to be more hard-line and more Likud-like, and thus more electable, than Peres.

Stay tuned.

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