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                         MER UPDATE

Many thousands of persons all around the world now read MER.
And in the Washington, DC area people can watch our weekly TV program on cable.
But we have to grow if we want to be effective and have impact.
We need a much greater readership.
We need to show our TV program here on the Internet.
And we need to do a better job overall --
with more timely and sharpened analysis and perspective.

So far MER is just a beginning, a foundation.
We need to push forward and build on that foundation.

How can you help?
First let's increase the number of people who know about MER and who read MER.
Please forward this email to your friends and tell them about MER.
Our plan is to be even more selective about the articles and analysis we publish,
maybe limiting ourselves to one very important and unique commentary
every other day with something special each weekend.

In the days ahead we will tell you more about our plans for MER and more
about how you can seriously help.


"I've never heard anyone who has made this stuff as clear as you.
It was like somebody had just opened the windows & the light came pouring in."
 Keith Morrison - CANADA AM, NBC Dateline

"MER is excellent!  I don't know of any other publication that so consistently
and fearlessly tells the truth about the oppressive order in the Middle East
that has long been based on an alliance between Washington, the Israelis,
and the Arab client regimes."
 Prof. Glenn Perry, Pol Sci Dept, Univ of Indiana

"Impartial, Insightful, Fearless"
 Imad el-Shakklut, London

"Rarely do we ever find an organization that can so impressively
report what is really going on.  I'm in love with MER!"
 Muslim woman college student in Calif.

"Thank you for your courage, for the excellent reviews and
articles and for the effort...   I salute you in solidarity."
 Dr. Eyad Sarraj - Gaza

"...oh-so-rare honesty and insightfulness."
 Prof Emeritus Ted Kellef, International Relations,
 San Francisco State Univ.

"Many thanks for the fine program.  It is programming such as this
that will enlighten the American public regarding the issues confronting
the Arab and Israeli peoples.Please continue this good work."
 Prof. Alexander DiLella - Distinguished Prof of Biblical Studies,
 Catholic Univ.

"I know the truth because of MER"
 Reader in Arab world who wishes to be anonymous

"[MER is] an amazing and rare site. Rich in content, information,
and facts that so many other organizations would prefer to hide
or color for their own personal reasons. You have taken over
most of the media's responsibility in this country by becoming the
providers of important information, overlooked or purposefully
ignored by others... The truth hurts, but in the end it is the truth."
 Nadia Alfa  - Columbia Univesity School of Journalism
 Former CNN Beirut World Report Correspondent

"I am so pleased to finally have subscribed to an articulate,
worthwhile, courageous journal and staff."
 Betty Molchany - ADC Legal Counsel; Alexandria, VA

"The work you are doing is extremely important...
Many people here (in Israel) get MER."
 Prof Tanya Reinhart - Tel Aviv University

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