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India, US, Israel, Turkey - The new axis in the New World Order

This comment about yesterday's FlashBack article about Ehud Barak:

                   "Peace Process" is "Massive Fraud"

       "It is not the first time Barak is coming with this statement (about
   being a terrorist). This is something which he pulls out occasionally.
   Aimed first to show that Arafat is now a good partner even though
   he was a terrorist, (because the right wing both in Israel and the US
   are still using the mantra that Arafat is not a reliable partner - no
   matter how much he proved himself already as a loyal collaborator).
   Next to show how liberal, open-minded, and serious about peace he
   is.  It is very important when you are involved in such a massive fraud
   as this peace process is, to offer also some minute items pointing at
   reconciliation intentions.
       So, I know you probably meant your message ironically. I mention
   this just in case anybody thinks that there may be some change in
   Barak hidden in these words."
                Professor Tanya Reinhart
                Linguisics Dept, Tel Aviv University

                      THE NEW WORLD ORDER PROCEEDS

                           NEW GROWING ALLIANCE Links
                           U.S., Israel, Turkey, and now INDIA

MID-EAST REALITIES - www.MiddleEast.Org - Washington - 9/19/00:

                "The Arab Revolt and the Arab Awakening have led to
                an amazing ongoing Arab defeat that has caused their
                blood to freely flow, their resources to be continually
                squandered, their rights to be constantly trampled,
                their freedoms to be always denied."

The world strategic equation is being fundamentally altered.  Bill Clinton is now completing another major move on the international chessboard, one which the  Israelis and their powerful friends in Washington have been urging for some years now.

While press attention focuses on such matters as the never-ending Israeli-Palestinian "negotiations"; and while a few Arab Americans managed to gather last weekend to shout a few simple slogans about the "Right of Return" (albeit in a huge vacuum of their own creation), the basic geostrategic relationships in the world have been altered since the Gulf War in a way very favorable to Israel and very negative to the Arabs and Muslims.

The new U.S./Israeli/Turkish/Indian axis was in a sense consolidated at the White House Sunday evening -- this extravaganza following on Clinton's multi-day visit to India just a few months ago.  It was the largest State Dinner of the Clinton years, and maybe the last.  Indian PM Vajpayee and the Hindu Indian nationalists are riding high these days.

The old important relationship with Muslim Pakistan is pretty much over.  Not because of the military coup, nor because of Pakistan's nuclear bomb.  But simply because the old cold war need for Pakistan is over, because anti-Pakistan Israeli/Jewish lobby manipulation of the Congress and White House have had their effect, and because new and important economic and geostrategic reasons dictate the U.S. switch to India as primary sub-continent ally.   Of course, the largely Muslim struggle for self-determination in Kashmir is largely over-looked in al this.

Now it is true that a couple of the key Arab "client regimes" are in a sense part of this new axis as well -- Saudi Arabia and its satellites, Jordan, Egypt.   But on the international chessboard they are small countries with small militaries, and more in need of regime protection than capable of initiatives on their own.  The West will continue to pump huge amounts of oil from Arabia, and to rechannel the petrodollars to its own banks and industries.  But otherwise the concerns of the Arabs and Muslims will only be paid lip-service to.  The Arab Revolt and the Arab Awakening have led to an amazing ongoing Arab defeat that has caused their blood to freely flow, their resources to be continually squandered, their rights to be constantly trampled, their freedoms to be always denied.

The future ramifications of this new axis could be considerable.

First of all the Arabs are not only weaker and more divided than ever, but now they are also more surrounded than ever before.   In this situation they are completely unable to pursue collective or regional interests -- each regime puts most of its energy into survival, which requires continual and growing repression and disinformation.   The very concept of an "Arab world" capable of asserting itself is now more fictional than ever.  That is the real legacy of the Hashemites, the al-Sauds, and the pretenders to the symbols of a once-proud Islam.

Additionally, the U.S. and Israel are still determined to either bring Iran around -- if it will just accept a small role in this new world order and the economic benefits that would bring -- or to keep Iran boxed in, weak, and under threat.   For its part, Israel is ever-vigilant for an opportunity to defang Iran from its embryonic arsenal of weapons of mass destruction -- as has been done to neighboring Iraq.

And the same applies to Pakistan's nuclear weapons program, about which Israel has been clandestinely working with the Indians for quite some time.  Quiet reports from Pakistan are probably accurate that a few years ago a joint Indian/Israeli attempt at attacking Pakistan's Kahuta nuclear facility was made, but alert Pakistani defenses prevailed before the shooting began.  No doubt there are new contingency plans underway should military and political circumstances make it possible to try again.

A little "Washington Scene" sidenote to all this:

While the Arab Americans, some 3 to 4 thousand weak, were doing their thing across from the White House on Saturday, President Clinton was on Embassy Row dedicating a Ghandi statute outside the Indian Embassy.   As usual, the Arab Americans -- who still exist in an amazingly insular and incestuous vacuum protecting themselves from contact with reality -- made no mention of this.  But then no one dared even mention the name Arafat from the podium, or any of the "client regimes" for that matter.   The whole exercise was a remarkable display of simplistic wishful sloganeering over substance, fanciful dreaming rather than hard-headed analysis.  True, as a mini-march and pep rally it had it moments.  But when it comes time for the real game to resume the Arab American  cheerleaders don't even have a team on the field.

In the end, who are the leaders and what happens at the international conferences really do matter.  Tragically justice and principle oftentimes do not triump.  Suffice it to say that the Indians at their time of need had Ghandi, while the Palestinians have Arafat.  One got real independence.  The other languishes in layers of bondage, corruption, repression, and deception.


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