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Welcoming Madeleine! - MER FlashBacks


    "I enjoy receiving your articles. Thank you for seeing past the
    deception and reporting the truth. Perhaps some day a more
    enlightened public will actually learn to recognize the propaganda
    that dominates the media in matters of the Middle East."
            David Rector - Milwaukee, WI

    "Thank you for giving us MER.  It is absolutely indispensable in trying to
    understand the politics of the Middle East, as well as that of the USA."
            Louis Godena

MER FLASHBACKS - 3 Years Ago, Sept 1997:

                    PATHETIC  SIMPLE-MINDEDNESS:
                        WELCOMING  MADELEINE!

MER - Washington - 5 Septebmer:
    There are many reasons for the sad state of affairs in today's Middle East, for the miserable situation the Palestinians face, for the hypocrisy and duplicity of American policy toward the Middle East. Among these reasons are the pathetic simple-mindedness that often- times comes from some who actually believe themselves to be part of some amorphous "peace movement".
    Sadly, many academics as well as many involved with the church in the U.S. fall into this category. And of course then there is "Peace Now", a duplicitous group
that has always in reality been closely linked to Israel's Labor Party, confusing, misleading, and sponging up the money, concern and guilt of so many gullible
American Jews for so many years.
   On the Arab-American side, the hopelessness of organizations like ADC and AAI has been discussed at length in previous MER articles.
   This week a very good example of this simple-mindedness has been circulating on the Internet. It starts with some well-meaning but hopelessly naive Christians
living in Bethlehem; then gets circulated by a suspect Palestinian, Issa Sarris, rather ludicrously distributing such things from Jerusalem in the name of "Freedom
Network, Linking Palestinians & their friends"; and then gets distributed in the U.S. by an academic, Betsy Barlow, at the University of Michigan.
   Here's the letter to Madeleine Albright:

Dear Secretary of State Albright:
   You should see the view from our apartment in Bethlehem!
   Tonight, over the Church of the Nativity, all of the crosses are lighted.
It's a glorious sight.
   The reason? This afternoon Israel lifted the "internal closure" of
Bethlehem. Tonight horns honked. And people are relieved.
   Thank you for all that you did to encourage this important confidence
building measure on the road to restarting the peace talks. We are
delighted that you are coming to the region and recognize that you will
have a virutally impossible task.
   If there is to be peace in the Middle East, it will be important for both
sides to candidly deal with the tough issues, including Jerusalem, the
future of settlements in the Occupied Territories, the refugee issues,
etc. that you know only too well.
   Your task certainly will be to help both Israel and Palestine be more
flexible and look for ways that both can affirm justice for the other and
an inclusive society.
   Bethlehem tonight is beautiful. I wish you could see it. And I wish you
could visit the peace tent on Manger Square that is sponsored by the
ecumenical youth group. On the tent are these words:
   "The effect of justice will be peace,
And the result of justice: quietness and security forever." Isaiah 32.17
    Rev. Dr. Betty Jane Bailey
    Rev. Dr. J. Martin Bailey
    (American citizens)

MER NOTE - The above letter was initially distributed by Issa Sarris, a Palestinian in Jerusalem, using new Internet capabilities supported by the U.S. Government,
George Soros, and InterNews (a front-group working with both the USG (through USAID) and the Soros Foundation); then further distributed by Elizabeth Barlow, Program Coordinator of the Center for Middle Eastern & North African Studies at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. For a far more refreshing and brutally honest assessment of U.S. involvement in today's "Peace Process" get the current MER Newsletter at http://www.MiddleEast.Org/newslet.htm.

                   DIANA - THE SAUDI CONNECTION

MER - Washington - 2 Sept:
    At American University in Washington, D.C., there is a very large building with the name ADNAN KHASHOGGI writ large for all to see. Former Arab League Ambassador Clovis Maksoud has his office nearby. It's also quite an embarrassment however.
    Once praised as an international businessman, Khashoggi is now known to have been an international arms salesman and a swindler working closely with the Saudi Royal family as an intermediary. Criminal indictments and law suits galore are now associated with his name. AU took his money before the crash, and remains stuck with his name, though rumors abound the university has been looking for some other wealthy patron to make a new deal with.
     The family fortune of Emad Mohamed "Dodi" el-Fayed can be traced not to Egypt, but rather to the two sources of Muslim cash and unbridled corruption in our era - the Saudi royal family and the Sultan of Brunei.
     Indeed, the main reason Dodi's father has been unable to obtain British citizenship and wasn't even sure he'd be able to bury his son in England, can be traced back to his very shady business dealings where he repeatedly lied about the source of his funds and on whose behalf he was acting.
    The connection to the Saudi royal family is through Dodi's mother, the sister of Adnan Khashoggi.  And irony of ironies, much of the money that has built the Mohamed Fayed empire and that however indirectly contributed to the death of the Princess of Wales, so known in recent days for her anti-land-mines and humanitarian efforts, began as commissions and profits from arms sales.

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