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             Indyk Under Investigation - Finally

MID-EAST REALITIES - www.MiddleEast.Org - Washington - 9/23:

For years, just who Martin Indyk is and how he got where he is have been questioned in articles published by MER.  Now, the former Middle East head at the National Security Council, the former Assistant Secretary of State for the Near East, the former head of the Israeli/Jewish lobby think-tank in Washington, and the current U.S. Ambassador to Israel, is under investigation, is barred from handling classified documents, and cannot even go in to the State Department without an escort!

What should also be included in the investigation now underway:
1) Who first brought Indyk from Australia and Israel, where he had been living, to the U.S. and why.
2) Was Indyk sent by the Israeli/Jewish lobby to Little Rock to infiltrate the Clinton campaign as the President of that lobby was overheard telling one of his contributors in the summer of 1992.
3) Is it true Indyk was not a U.S. citizen at the time Bill Clinton was elected President in Nov, 1992, but his citizenship was rushed through so he could be appointed to a major position by the new President as a pay-off to the lobby for helping Clinton get elected, including substantial financial contributions?
4) Is it true that Indyk was instrumental in setting up the State Department Middle East negotiating team which even today is comprised almost exclusively of his friends who are Jewish and who worked with him at the Israeli/Jewish lobby before joining the government?

It should also be noted that Indyk has used one prominent Arab-American and one prominent Arab Ambassador to further his career in Washington.  Jim Zogby, President of the "Arab American Institute",  not only publicly endorsed Indyk at a crucial time when he was first appointed by Bill Clinton to the National Security Council; but as a payoff Zogby's son was given an appointment at the State Department as Indyk's deputy.  Also Saudi Ambassador Prince Bandar bin Sultan has been personal friends with Indyk and invited him to the Kingdom to meet key Saudis during and right after the Gulf War when Indyk was still working for the Israeli/Jewish lobby.

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                      By OWEN S. GOOD, Associated Press Writer

WASHINGTON (AP - September 23) - The State Department has suspended the security clearance of U.S. Ambassador to Israel Martin S. Indyk pending an  investigation into alleged security violations, a State Department official said Saturday.

The official, speaking on condition of anonymity, said there was ``no indication of espionage in this matter,'' and that Indyk has ``cooperated fully'' with investigators from the State Department and FBI (news - web sites).

``At this time there has been no indication that any intelligence information has been compromised,'' the official said. ``This is a question of security procedures that have not been followed.''

Indyk, 49, is barred from handling classified materials and must be escorted inside the State Department building.

State Department officials told The Washington Post the investigation involves ``sloppy handling of information''
over ``a longer period of time'' before Indyk took his position in Israel. Indyk, who became a U.S. citizen in 1993, has been ambassador to Israel from April 1995 to OCtober 1997 and again since last year, the Post said in its Saturday editions.

The Post also reported a source outside the State Department familiar with the investigation as saying it relates
to Indyk's use of unclassified, government-owned laptop computers to prepare memorandums about discussions with foreign leaders while in transit.

Secretary of State Madeleine Albright approved the suspension, State Department spokesman Richard Boucher told the Post. ``She holds Ambassador Indyk in very high regard and values his contributions greatly,'' the spokesman said. But, he said, ``she has been absolutely clear on the need for everyone to follow security procedures.''

In a statement Friday, Indyk said: ``I regret that my trying to do best possible job under very difficult conditions has led to the temporary suspension of my security clearances while it is determined whether correct security procedures were followed.''

Security officials at State decided to pull Indyk's clearance on Sept. 12, although no action was taken until
Thursday. Members of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee requested a briefing on Indyk on Tuesday after an anonymous phone caller told a committee aide the department was going to ignore security concerns about Indyk, the Post said.

State Department officials have been extremely sensitive to security issues since the April disclosure that a laptop computer containing top-secret information about arms proliferation had vanished.

The suspension makes it virtually impossible for Indyk to do his job at a critical juncture in peace negotiations
between Israel and the Palestinians.

The Australian-born Indyk was named the senior Middle East specialist on the National Security Council in January 1993. In his first ambassadorship, he was an important conduit between the Clinton administration and the late Israeli prime minister Yitzhak Rabin.

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