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Just ask the following questions...

Is there any State in the world that has foreign "settlements" dotted throughout its small territory?

Is there any State that is divided into pieces with a foreign army determining who can go and come between them?

Is there any State in the world that has "by-pass roads" criss-crossing itself in all directions...roads specifically designed for use not by its own citizens?

Is there any State that has highly restricted "free passage zones" connecting its two major halfs and controlled by another state?

Is there any State in the world that has the majority of its people living as exiles in refugee camps and unable to even visit that State without the permission of another State?

This is what the Israelis have done to the Palestinians.  This is what the Oslo agreements duly signed by the "Palestinian Authority" of Yasser Arafat have brought about.  This is in fact the vision of Yitzhak Rabin who pledged himself to "break the bones" of the Palestinians -- precisely what he did militarily as Defense Minister at the time of the Intifada and then politically as Prime Minister a few years later.

And this is all before even discussing what the Israelis have done to Jerusalem; how in the past decade they have successfully restricted Palestinian access to the city and surrounded it with major Israeli settlements that they now demand remain under any circumstances.

Novel ways to present and mask these realities are under intense discussion.  But the realities themselves are to in most cases remain.  All this is why the Israelis are so eager to lock everything in place with another "historic agreement" signed by Yasser Arafat.  This is why the Israelis are now mid-wifing, along with their American benefactors, the "State" of Palestine, eager to bring to life the severely retarded offspring of their own designs.  This is why the Israelis now want the world to believe a Palestinian "State" is about to be born and Palestinian self-determination fulfilled; when in fact they have implimented their long-time desires for Palestinian "autonomy", Israeli control and Palestinian subjugaton.  And this is why the "peace process" is a "massive fraud", to quote Professor of Linguistics Tanya Reinhart at Tel Aviv University.

The maps that visually highlight these developements are very significant.  They are at:

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