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 This eyewitness report from a Palestinian Muslim reader
 of MER present at the Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem today:

                       CARNAGE IN THE AQSA MOSQUE

Four dead and fifty to sixty civilians injured at the Aqsa mosque after
clashes between Isreali forces and Palestinian demonstrators, today.
Children protected by trees  and large stones at close range to Isreali
forces threw rocks in demonstration of yesterdays visit of Ariel Sharon to
the Aqsa mosque.

Retaliating with live ammunition and rubber bullets, Isreali soldiers fired
indiscriminantly at women, children and men. After reinforcements arrived,
the soldiers initiated a massive assault on the demonstrators firing freely
at anyone in sight.

Many demonstrators were covered in blood; they were either injured or lay
dead as a result of the attack. Those who were killed were carried on the
shoulders of the demonstrators chanting "Allahu Akbar", and those who were
injured exited the mosque to seek medical help.

Many people hid in the mosques and others tried to exit. Those who tried to
exit were fired upon as they retreated. Nobody was spared, and unfortunatly
their were no Journalists in sight. Ambulances were even denied entry.

Tensions are running high in the old city while Arafat visits Barak at his
home and Clinton at his oval office. The children of the intifada are the
only ones left to stand and defend the honor of the Aqsa and Palestine.

This  is the result of the Camp David accords.

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