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I am so pleased to finally have subscribed to an articulate,
worthwhile, courageous journal and staff.
 Betty Molchany
 ADC Legal Counsel
 Alexandria, VA

MER:You are doing excellent work.
 Ian Manuel Urbina
 University of Chicago

Dear MER,
Thanks for the information regarding the apartheid mapping of Palestine.
It's always great to receive your messages because I know its one of
the only sources of accurate reporting on Palestine...
 Catherine Cook

I would greatly appreciate recieving your E-mail.
A friend just forwarded a copy, and it seems quite useful. Thank you.
 Joshua Schreier
 New York University

I read your comment about ADC before and I thought you were little hard on them. However, I recently found out as I was participating in the protests against the Zionist movie "Seige", that ADC had awarded Tony Shalhoub an award in its latest convention. Tony Shalhoub is an actor in the movie who sold his soul for a
handful of dollars against his people, and who had given Hollywood the
appearance of objectivity when they placed this jerk in the movie. Then,
I realized you were right.

I just saw the new 'Apartheid' Israeli maps.  Thanks... and
keep up the fantastic work!!
 David Gekiere
 Lewis & Clark College

What are you trying to do?   I see MER everywhere!
 Edward Said
 Columbia University

   The tragedy of the Palestinian peOple is something that we understand abstractly, but I don't know if any of us can grasp the extent of their defeat, suffering, and horrible prospects to its full.  They were on the virge of victory (with the Intifada), and were betrayed by their own local leadership, their political infra structure completely lost, their land and life stolen.
   To the extent that there is local Palestinian opposition, it is completEly unable to act under these conditions. Mainly, there is no channel whatsoever of alternative media (and as important MER is, most Palestinians cannot read it). INternational, and Arab media is completely prey to propaganda of the 'peace process'...
 Prof. Tanya Reinhart
 Tel Aviv University

Thanks for your news, and the site, it was very interresting.
Sure i want more...
 Yours Sincerly,
 Mahmoud Slayhi God bless

The Palestine Authority looks more and more like occupied Warsaw in the
early 1940's before the Jews were transfered to concentration camps.
The P.A. is the equivilant of the Jewish "Kopos", who maintained order
inside that Warsaw ghetto.
 David Mclau

Please put me on your regular Internet mailing list.
Thank youfor such an infomative publication.
 Richard Cross

Thank you for the other side of the story. I am very interested
in understanding the whole picture.
 Devvy Kidd

Dear MER:
Please place me on your subscription list so thatI may receive electronic
or hard-copy (magazine, newsletter, etc.) information on realities in the
Middle East. Recently, I found your website and was surprised to find a
courageous entity willing to be honest about what is really happening
in the Middle East. Thank you very much.
 Bruce David Tulsa,
 Oklahoma Oral Roberts University

Keep up the great work!
 Willie Cork
 New Haven, Conn

   ..your articles are generally well researched and excellent -- a welcome
relief from America's party-line and restrictive media...Keep the material
rolling; it has been a good balance of factsand reasonable presentation
without beating the drum, blowingthe horn, and blowing smoke. I look
forward to the reports. good work!
   Your prediction of Arafat's impending "Wooden Indian" appearance was too
true -- that's what he looked like when he sold out for the U.S. money to
suppress his people. Thank you for the information stream...
 Dr. Daniel Flickinger

   I am a student who wants to move on to write about events in themiddle east.
I am NOT an exploitation writer like 99.9% of the trash out there. I want to
fight disinformation and it's important to me to have real facts. Thank you
for your site - I only hope I can somehow contribute. One question and a
   Comment: I suspected that Washington-Report [On Middle East Affairs] was
bogus... - they never criticize KSA [King of Saudi Arabia - ed.].  Good work
and keep the faith - you aren't alone.
 Dave Colquitt

You do a great job reporting the complex stories... The one about the
Punk Rockers in Israel was especially interesting...All the best to
you & yours!
 Katharina Harlow.

Re: Arab-American Organizations
Amen. Also, do not forget that many of them are senile which is a source of embarrassment for many of the young and bright Arab-Americans... Wow.
Thank you and Keep on exposing this filth.
 G.B. [Initials used by request]

I was thrilled to read the reportage about the rockists protestors in Tel Aviv.
I am out of the country now for 6 month...
 Thanks, Tanya
 (Prof. Tanya Reinhart, Tel Aviv University)

Keep up the good work. Objective and courageous journalism such as that
demonstarted by you is, unfortunately, rare and much needed. You will no
doubt have strong opposition from many groups, which further strengthens
the evidence supporting your claims of conspiracy, hypocricy and
propoganda. Keep it up.

Subject: Your relentless effort is much appreciated.
Dir Sir, I have read the arrogant, intimidating, and oppresive letter signed by Fadi Shaqa'a, which in my opinion is a clear manifestation of your credibility. People like Shaqa'a seem to be misled to believe that all the world is a Middle East, where they can forge facts and opress counter-opinions. I have been reading your newsletter for the past year or so, and I would like to pin-down few facts: 1-Although your stories seem to be provocative in most cases, it is highly credible, and truthful. Being a Mid-Eastern myself, I witness the stories you talk about, and see how what you call "client regimes" forge facts. 2- You need not worry about letters like Shaqa'a, or the acts of Zoghby. Acts like these, coming from people who hardly have a reputation, only proves how desperate such people are - they are getting exposed. I only hope you will always have the courage and strength to keep up your vital and much appreciated work.
 Best regards,
 A.H. Amman, Jordan

I finally found the site I've been looking for. Please send me what you send.
Thanks, keep up the excellent work,
 Michael Ede

Subject: Re: A World Gone Crazy...Or Maybe Just Dumb - MER Editorial

Hi... I love you,

To whom it may concern, Last year I had the fortune of being on your mailing list.
Could I please be put back on it?
 Bonnie Toland
 New Hampshire

I would like to thank you very much for your effort and time
during the last year... thank you very much. Wassalam

I still believe that MER is performing a most important task in attempting to inform people--and especially residents of the United States, who often seem to have a rather naive belief in the unalloyed goodness of their government's foreign policy (coupled with an often equally simplistic belief in the unalloyed evil of that same government's domestic programmes)--as to what is going on behind the scene in the Middle East.
 M. Henri Day
 Oslo, Norway

YES!!! I'd love to help you!!! I want so much to help all thepeople in the middle east who are getting screwed by all this corruption and disinformation.
I just want to say one last thing. I did not get into this because I fancied myself as a freedom fighter looking for an exploitable cause. I fell in love with the cultures in the middle east (mostly Arab/Arabian but also to an extent Hebrew and Persian) and after dodging the politics for many years I just decided enough was enough. Too many people either don't know, don't care, or just stay silent. I just wanted you to know where I stand.  Thanks again for all that you people do and for offering to let me help,
 Dave Colquitt

Hello, and thanks for the excellent service you provide. I'm working as a journalist in at weekly Norwegian newspaper called Dag og Tid, and was alerted by one of your recent newsclips...
 Per Anders Todal

Subject: Re: Differences Between Labor and Likud - MER FlashBack

I have really been enjoying the bold truth that your newsletter prints. Please keep up the good work. Thank you very much.
 Atiq Alvi

All of these Readers Comments were sent to
MER during November 1998.

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