We have set up this easy-to-use MER Chat Room to give concerned persons around the world a place to meet and discuss with each other  Using it you can have open or private discussions as you wish.  It is available at all times, but we especially encourage its use from 10 to 11 pm (Eastern USA time).

MER CHAT:  Please type in your name in the area below and then "Connect"
(Note: Wait for Name Box to appear - depending on Internet speed this may take 10-15 seconds)
You can RING a person in the room if they might be doing something else on their computer.
You can use the PRIVACY button for conversations just between yourself and another person.
You can IGNORE anyone you do not wish to chat further with.

You can also use  INSTANT MESSINGER to talk with key MER people who might be on the
Internet at the same time you are.

Note:  We are using this particular "French Kiss" Chat Room software because it is simple and easy.
If you have some other suggestion please email us email us with the details

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