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Washington Scene and MER Quote of the Week:
Arafat Bumbles Into Town
"I'm fully confident the peace process
will be protected and will succeed."
Yasser Arafat
at the White House, 22 January

    Arafat has come; and soon he will go.  Maybe one of these days he'll be gone for good, Inshallah, hopefully not to write his memoirs which would surely twist history on end as he has done with diplomacy, with "democracy", and with "Statehood", etc.

    Netanyahu managed to capture center-stage while he was here; including a brilliantly deceptive National Press Club gathering with the media the morning before he departed.

    Now Arafat can't be blamed that he's here in the heat of Sex Gate; but then he did arrive on the day, long-known in advance, that the Pope arrived in Cuba.  In this age of TV diplomacy it certainly wasn't very good timing.

    Israeli policies are pretty outrageous, yet they continually get away with them; threatening and badgering all as they go.

    Arab and Palestinian policies are to continually offer more and more concessions then anyone would have dreamed of just a few years ago; but all they get is back-slaps, heart-ache, and more meetings with the CIA.

    The Arabs always seem to bumble along; and behind-the-scenes there's a lot of laughter just watching them.  Their diplomats aren't much better than their generals; their media and public institutions are always third-rate; their organizations and representatives are so often the equivalent of kept women.

    Meanwhile, Arafat now gives the impression he's had a little victory because he finally got an invitation to the Holocaust Museum!  But of course the reality is quite otherwise and he's really being used and
manipulated to further Zionist interests this time just as in the past.

    On his arrival in Washington the other day the first two to shake Arafat's hand on the tarmac epitomized the deplorable state of affairs this man has enmeshed his people within.

    First there was Hassan Rahman, Arafat's long-time Washington pimp (yes, the use of this word is purposefully chosen) -- a man widely despised and ridiculed, a man who has stolen millions for himself over the years while miserably and incompetently "representing" his people.

    Second in line was Martin Indyk, not long ago an Israeli lobby official of Australian citizenship, more recently -- in a blatant payoff to the "lobby" that worked overtime to elect Bill Clinton -- Madeleine
Albright's Assistant Secretary of State for the Middle East!

    It was a very warm and friendly handshake, especially with Indyk!

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