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MER - Washington - 7 January:
   Not the words of an Arab historian; rather of an Israeli one -- Professor Ilan Pappe at Haifa University.

   The history of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is written about in considerable volumes by many.  Most, especially what is in English, and especially what has been written by Israeli and Jewish apologists, is, well, full of it.  There are major exceptions among Jews however -- indeed, some of the best literature about the conflict has been authored by Jews, Noam Chomsky in the U.S. and Maxim Rodinson and Maxim Ghilan in Europe among them.  Many of the key people involved with MER and the Committee on the Middle East, especially in the beginning, are Jewish.

   Jewish Israeli historians have been in the forefront of correcting the historical record since the 1970s.  In the past two decades important books by Simcha Flapan (deceased) and Benny Morris (now at
Ben-Gurion University in Beersheba) -- published in both Hebrew and English -- have revealed the myths and lies of the extensive Israeli propaganda that has misled so many for so long.  And Israeli General
Mattityahu Peled -- one of the five commanding Generals in the 1967 war and then a Professor of Arabic Literature at Tel Aviv University, was among the most outspoken Israeli advocates of a Palestinian State
back in the days when it would have been much more possible than is the case today, and back in the days when even talking to the PLO landed Jews in Israeli prisons.


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