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April 1999



   Brazil, Sri Lanka, UK, US, Canada, Australia, Jordan

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         "You are a light in the absolute darkness."

           "MER is Excellent, Interesting, Impartial,
      Comprehesive and Hot. MOST of all it is the TRUTH."
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Dear Friends:

Bravo for printing what others won't--the truth.  For months some of my
more enlightened and conscientious students have been forwarding to me
your electronic newsletter. It is high time that I arrange to have MER
sent to me directly.


(Prof.) Kevin Lacey
Department of Classical and Near Eastern Studies
State University of New York (SUNY) at Binghamton


Subject: Re: Kosovo - More Like Palestine Than The Holocaust
Date: Mon, 12 Apr 1999
From: Amir Fallah Rad
Organization: University of Manitoba

I think the only organization daring to discuss these problems about the
oppressed Palestinians in North America and even better say in Western
countries is MER and I appreciate your efforts. You are a light in the
absolute darkness. God bless you.


Subject: Larry King
Date: Thu,  8 Apr 1999

I'm in almost total agreement with your positions and admire you veracity.


William M. Carson
Forest Grove, OR

Wed, 7 Apr 1999
From: Daryl.Champion


Daryl Champion
Centre for Arab & Islamic Studies  - CAIS  Faculty of Arts
(The Middle East & Central Asia)
Australian National University

I'd like to receive MER. Great article following Clinton's brain-dead
quote this week!

                Anonymous by request

Please send MER regularly.  If I can be of assistance in
obtaining information...for you, you have my complimentary services.

Joe Apter - Chairman
Connected Investigative Technologies, Inc.

From: "Shelia B. Cassidy"
Organization: Pacific Bell Internet Services

Don't forget the pounds of depleted uranium in the warheads of the cruise
missles--that will render the are unsafe for centuries, like it has done to


Subject: RE: " Dear America..."  -  Questions the Media Doesn't Ask
Date: Fri, 2 Apr 1999
From: Hyer, Darin

I enjoy receiving your reports and must say that I truly respect your views...
Retain your call and your courage - they are critical to more people than you
may be aware...

I am an American living in Atlanta, Georgia. I have recently completed
studies at Emory University here in Atlanta where I obtained my Master's
Degree in Theological Studies... Currently, I am working for the CARE as an
informational officer and public relations specialist.

Best regards.

Darin Hyer
CARE - External Relations

Thursday, April 01
Subject: "Lies, Deceit, and Betrayal"
From: suzanne henig

Marvelous article.  It must be publicized.

 s. henig

Date:   Fri, 2 Apr 1999 07:42:37 -0500
From:   Azam B Markar <azambmarkar@muslimsonline.com>

MER is Excellent, Interesting, Impartial, Comprehesive and Hot .
MOSTof all it is the TRUTH.
                   Azam B. Markar
                   Colombo,  Sri Lanka.

Subject:  " Ethnic Cleansing " - Israeli Style
Date:  Thu, 29 Apr 1999
From:  Ian Stone

What can I do to help?

I live in England but I am not rich. I can though afford a standing order of
about £20 (GBP) a month...  It would be a good idea if MER set up a bank
account in the UK so I (and I am sure other people) could set up a standing
order from my bank to your bank. This could provide MER with a constant
source of funds.

            Ian Stone - England


Subject:    COMMENT to MER/Português
   Date:     Fri, 23 Apr 1999 19:20:49 -0300
   From:    Uwe Heinz Schmidt  (Brazil)

Alguem entende e escreve Portugues? Ou Espanhol.
Gostaria de saber.

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