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February 1998
       [NOTE - The following Reader's Comments were received during the first half of
February 1998.    Please feel free to contact MER from whereever you are.
If you want your name withheld please let us know -- of course we understand.]
 Just a quick note to tell you how much I've enjoyed reading your
newsletters.  I just discovered your website today, but I've known of
your TV program for quite sometime now.  Your editorials sum up quite
nicely the feelings of utter disgust with which I observe events in the Middle East...
   I was an Arabic Linguist in the US Air Force for almost 12 years,
was involved in all sorts of intelligence collection activities in the
Middle East, and spent a good amount of time writing intelligence
reports and assessments for the National Security Agency before
rejoining civilian life.  I think I've seen my share of hypocrisy...
   So your newsletter really hits the spot for me.
        Keep it up!
        Robin Ferris -  3 Feb
MER persons -
   I just discovered your web sight via the Bruzonsky
interview on democracy now feb 11.  This is the best thing I have run
into in a long time.  I am glad to see this wealth of information
available to public.  The truth needs to be known, and you guys are
putting it out there.
        Sincerely,  TAI POMARA - Dallas, 12 February
Thanks for your great newsletter.
        Katharina Harlow
        Carmel, California
        7 February
First a kudo: I'm one of many U.S. academicians impressed with the
oh-so-rare honesty and insightfulness of your analyses.
        Professor Theodore Keller; 13 Feb 1998
        Emeritus Professor of International Relations
        San Francisco State University
 ...Continue your outstanding work which supplies a rare
light of truth and justice in the face of an absolutely
staggering mountain of misinformation, racism and distortions.
        Robert Silverman           Montreal
        11 Feb
As a resident of Jordan and an avid reader of MER, my favourite guide
to what is happening in the Middle East and to understanding...
        Jordanian in Amman,
        (name withheld by MER)
        11 Feb
Please sign me up for your weekley newsletter.  I am a graduate
school in Middle East Studies who has lived in the middle east and
your publication is a breath of fresh air.
         Todd Watkins, 11 Feb 1998
You have the basis of a half dozen major Teach Ins when I look at
that list of signers. Can you do it? War Resisters League has a
tiny staff which is overwhelmed with work and can't - but your
statement is what is needed. Thank God for it.
        David McReynolds - 9 Feb 1998
 I have accidentally come across one of your comments on a CNN board,
 which took me to your site.
 Your effort is great.  It will save me hours of research, when replying
 to Zionists on community boards. Thank you indeed.
               Mohammed Hegazi - 2 Feb 1998
Thanks for the Chomsky.  People are starting to hear his name and his
philosphy thanks to sights like this.
        Chuck - 13 February
We in the International Movement for a Just World have been receiving
your articles regularly. They are illuminating and provide the best
analysis on the subjects which we reprint and publish in our commentary
and articles.  Thanks
Abdul Basir
Executive Officer
International Movement for a Just World
15 February
Hello, I was sent your press release.
Please keep publicizing your views!
        Connie Hargrave, Nanaimo BC, Canada
        February 12
please send MER directly to me.  It's great -- though of course
the news is not good for people in the middle east!  thank you.
         Judy Haiver; 13 Feb
Dear COM,
COM and MER gives me a glimpse of hope for the Middle East future.
thank you.
== Said A. Mansour
== Purdue University
== School of Materials Engineering
   13 Feb 1998
Thank you so much for the great work you have been doing.
    Habib Sulaiman - 13 Feb
  In this remote community, it just is not possible to access your radio
  program, nor the TV program.  But I keep up with your posts from the
  internet, and occasionally quote them in local conversations and even
  in an occasional letter-to-the-editor...  There are massive
  parallels to recent middle-east history to the earlier Crusades for
  control of the region, indeed.  The Crusades have not ended!
  Dr S M Ghazanfar, Professor & Chair
  Department of Economics
  University of Idaho, Moscow ID
  14 Feb
 Greetings, MER,
Thanks to an e.mail from Michael Novick, I have been introduced to your
much needed articles on the middle east. Bravo!
I have been looking for a good article opposing the proposed military
attack on Iraq and exposing the reasoning . I am sick of the
hypocritical propaganda pumped out by the U.S. leaders and media
lackeys. Then I read,
              Doret Kollerer
              North Coast Xpress
              14 Feb
Your messages are a valuable expression of the realities of the middle
east as I have observed  them from Algeria and Saudi
Arabia. Keep up the good work.
         C.A. Marshall; 15 Feb 1998
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