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Assalam alaikum,

I have been subscribing to your e-zine for quite a while now and am
delighted with the material you present. I would like your permission
to copy some of your material on my website...

 Dr. Sohail Farooqui
 Quranic Sciences Academy

Dear middle east reality, I have been visiting your site regularly and
I am very impressed, congratulation.

  Wa'el Sabri

Dear Madam,
dear Sir,

since two days I receive some articles from your magazine from a good
friend of mine.  As they are very intersting I would kindly ask you
wether it is possible to receive from you some articles via the e-mail. Could also send me some information about MER?

 Many thanks and kindest regards.

 Meriem Werbrouck

I would like to highly commend Mid East Realities for an outstanding
source of information on the Internet. I have probably visited
almost all the websites on the internet especially those dealing with
human rights issues in the Middle east and I can say without doubt
that your site is certainly among the top five.

   Mohamed Adam
   Human Rights Foundation
   Capetown, South Africa

Just a brief note to thank you for this brilliant editorial...
My hope and my trust is that work like that MER is doing
contributes to these ends. Thank you again!

        Henri Day

A friend of mine from India sent me an e.mail "the legacy of the
King Hussein of Jordan."  I was happy to see that there are others too
who know the real truth of the conspiracies of these hypocrites.
Please send me regular mail if you can. Wassalaam

 Zulkifli Nazim

I would like to commend you on a great job....

     Eman Sulieman
        Univ of Nottingham Business School

Hello, my name is Nazik. I am 11 years old. I just read about your
page about the Iraqi bombings. I really beleive that what the US did
was wrong, and I am concerned about the people of Iraq...
I want to get this message out:
Stop this Bombings!!!

 Thank you,

It's the first time in history someone is finally unveiling the true
history of the Jordan regime vis a vis the Zionists and the selling
out of the Palestinians. Please have more articles to expose all these
shameful historical truths....   books revealing the truth are
prohibited from being sold around this region.

  Best regards
  Michael James Jaffer

As a post-graduate student of International relations and Middle East
studies, located in the United Kingdom, I am rather attracted to the
information sources provided by the MER.  Please forward...

 Thanking you in anticipation,

 Naveed S. Sheikh - UK

My name is issa, i have just found what i want...actually i'm
amazed.  So i would like to ask about receiving MER's by e-mail.
Hope you respond as soon as possible.

         Issa (last name withheld)

I was shocked to see the threat by Shaka'....
pls keep up the good work.

  Best regards
         Musa Shihadeh

Subject: Jordanian Realities and Hussein's Legacy
Date: 10 Feb 99

As Salaam Alaikum!

This letter goes out to MAB or the author of the editorial titled above in the Feb 5th issue... Thank you for expressing what you did.

 Ken Muhammad

Subject: Send Info about MER including how to receive by email regularly
  Date:  Fri, 12 Feb 1999

finally have found a site to get impartial information from the middle
east and especially palestine, god bless you...


Dear all,

First of all, I'm impressed of MER.

I'm a maroccan student. I live in Holland for ten years. The usual
problem we have got here in holland was "receiving impartial news".
At the university i heard about the MER organisation and so the
problem has been solved. I thank you for that...

Go on and proceed the excelent work.

 Al Ayachi

This is fucken amazing! The king Hussein story gets the misinformation
story of the day. Twenty minutes of bullshit on English TV and 20
minutes of half truths on the French TV from France.

And then we get the real story on the net from MER, a small and
resourceless bunch of people who know and write the truth. What a
dialectic!  Great work....


 [Robert Silverman, Montreal]

Can i send on your GREAT mailings??  I've sent
your site to three people this past month and will keep it up.


 Subject:   Re: Jordan Realities - The ''Amazing'' Hussein
   Date:    Sat, 6 Feb 1999
   From:    Tanya Reinhart

Very good article! Tanya

 [Professor Tanya Reinhart, Linguistics Department,
 Tel Aviv University]

I just want to thank you for bringing us a truth which is more true than the truth we are presented with by the Western media. It is great that there is someone who has the will, time and courage to convey to the world the unpopular facts and opinions about the Middle East.
Keep up the good work!

        Yours sincerely,

        Jacob Høigilt
        Student of Arabic at the University of Oslo.

Dear MER,

I started reading your e-mails about a half year ago and very much
agree with your views.  I am a dutchman, living in Amsterdam (the

Wish you good luck,

 Regards, Hein Kroft


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