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Just a brief note to thank you for this brilliant editorial...
My hope and my trust is that work like that MER is doing
contributes to these ends. Thank you again!

 Henri Day

I'm a subscriber to MER, which along with many of your readers,
I find very enriching...  Keep up the excellent work!

 Many Regards
 Zulfikar Shahnawaz

Thanks for all of the hard work you have put into making MER the
great resource that it is!

 Sarah Masters (UK)

Dear MER,

I'm already a subscriber to MER, and greatly appreciate the
information and analysis you provide (a much needed antidote to the
misinformation disseminated by the "mainstream" media).

 Mark Hudson
 University of Pittsburgh

I am impressed!

 Ray Fish
 Technion, Israel

Dear MER,

Thank you for the endless efforts and trubles you go through to
bring truth to light. Your efforts are greatly appreciated and
your information is greatly valued. You are still a rare product
and I hope you will endure.

                        Professor Nahla Abdo
                        Dept. of Sociology and Anthropology
                        Carleton University

Subject:  Congrats on spreading the truth.
Date: 8 Jan 1999

Dear MER,

I was happy to read some of the truthful articles in your newsletter.
This is the best thing anyone can do for real peace and justice in the
world i.e. spread the truth.

I wish all the best in your efforts.

 Mohamed Saleem

Dear MER,

Over the last year your site has been invaluable in helping me build up
my knowledge of the Middle East. I am teaching myself as much as I can
about the history and politics of the area, starting with Iraq and
Palestine, so that I can give my support to enterprises and movements
which will have immediate and long-term benefits for the people living
under oppressive conditions in both places.

 With thanks.
 Yours sincerely,

 Harriet Griffin
 University of Oxford

Dear MER

It has been really wonderful to have access to your reports,
analyses and commentaries for the past year...

I hope MER is still alive and strong when I am next able to
subscribe again.  Good luck and thank you

 talha syed

To Friends:

I have found Middle East Realities to be an excellent source of correct and independent information on the Middle East. Whatever support you can provide will be appreciated. It will be a pity if this independent voice is forced to close down because of financial difficulties.

Please visit the web site of Middle East Realities, read their past
articles and see the quality of information for yourself.

 Mohammad Tahir

As-salaam alaikum. I believe we should support them, too. Some on
this list have suggested that we check out MER before supporting it.
This I have done and I am impressed with its independent nature...
If you take a look at the list of supporters and advisors, you will
find quite a variety of people:

 Jennifer Kuzbarry

Congratulations on the excellent work you are doing.

 Dr. Mohamed Adam
 Human Rights Foundation
 Capetown, South Africa

Keep up the great and desperately needed work.  The client regimes
and despotic families throughout the Islamic world must be removed
from power and replaced with democratic governments.

 Mujeeb Khan


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