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MARCH 1999

 Jordan, Israel, U.S., Sri Lanka, U.K.,
   Spain, Canada, Norway, Ireland
MER is Excellent, Interesting, Impartial, Comprehesive and Hot.
MOST of all it is the TRUTH.

                Azam B. Markar (Student)
                Colombo, Sri Lanka.

...excellent information and analysis found only in MER...

       David Campbell, California

MER is my single most favored source of news from the Middle East and
the politics that the media never talks about.

 Aziz H.Poonawalla

I just recently found-out about your organisation and I should say
that I was very very pleased to discover it. I shall say that you
guys are doing an excellent job indeed!

        Abdellah Benkirane
        Hunter College, CUNY, New York

I would very much like to receive MER in my email, regularily.
Your organization was the first that I have found on the net to
provide such concise and informative information void of any
partisan views. You have a fabulous repetoire and I look forward
to reading.

       (Person in Middle East
       Name kept confidential by request)

 To whom it may concern,
   I must say I was taken aback concerning the honetsy and realism that
 many of your articles have portrayed. I personally think that it is an
 eye-opener indeed to have such articles published...

               Nahla Rifai
               Amman, Jordan

I reed one of your MER publications and I found them really interesting
therefore I would like to ask you, if possible, to receive this news via
e-mail.  Thank you very much.

       Ignacio Botella Alarcón
       From Madrid, Spain.

Please, send us MER.

 Russian Embassy

I just wanted to say you seem to be very brave.

      J C Rogers

I do not wish to miss any of your material, which as a subscriber
for the past year I have found most helpful as regards my understanding
of events, both in the Near and Middle East, and in the US itself....

    M. Henri Day
    Oslo, Norway

 Would much appreciate receiving M I D - E A S T   R E A L I T I E S.

                   John Martin


Thank you for all of the past information. It has been helpful
in understanding the Middleeast. Your perspective is important.

        Pete Espinosa
        Saddleback College

I was really enjoying your issues concerning the middle east.
I feel that they are extremely accurate...
Why have u been forced from telling the people what they want to hear
the truth.  Again the fallacy of freedom of speech has reached its
newest height...  I hope that u can get u web site up again!!!!!!!!!!!!

              Shazad Azam
              University of Derby

Many thanks for the daring and informative service.


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