Note: We are working on an Internet-based way of "Talking" With MER.
The old way using WebPhone is not active at this time.
WEBPHONE For Windows 95/98
How to Install and begin using Webphone:
WebPhone is FREE and installs very easily.
1) Just click on "WebPhone" above to download it, then install in normal way.
2) Tell your friends to come to this page and download the latest WebPhone as well.
http://www.MiddleEast.Org/webphone.htm    -    (or you can send it to them by email)
You can use Webphone for free to make calls lasting 3-minutes.  And you can continue to
talk by using the redial button.  But to really enjoy WebPhone -- including its 4-lines, unlimited talk time, video capabilities and other special features -- you should Activate it for the one-time charge of $49.95.  If you prefer just the basic features with unlimited talk time and just one-line, you can Activate as "Webphone Home" for just $19.95.
How to ACTIVATE  WebPhone:
Once you are using Webphone activation is simple:
1)  Install and make at least one call with WebPhone.
2)  Click on the "Activate" link above and follow the simple instructions.
3)  You can be using the full-featured WEBPHONE within minutes.
How to reach MER & COME using WebPhone:
You can oftentimes reach someone from COME on-line daily via WebPhone from 4 to 5 pm (Eastern USA time).  This is so that you can call from anyplace in the world at no charge!
Just do a search for organization COME to check to see if anyone is on-line.
You can also Webphone voicemail 24-hours daily for COME Chairperson Mark Bruzonsky at: MAB@MiddleEast.Org.
List COME as Organization:
Please list COME for "organization" in your Webphone set-up on the screen with
your name.   That way anyone using Webphone can do a search of "organization" and
find anyone else from COME who is on line to talk with.
You can search in two ways. The first way shows you only those who are
on-line and you can talk to now.  The second way shows you who is registered
with WebPhone and you can leave and receive messages from these persons at all times
whether or not they are on-line -- just like a free worldwide answering system!
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How can I reach COME & talk on the Internet about Middle East issues?

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