We appreciate the need for confidentiality.  But there is also the need to be able to verify and investigate.  Unless there is an imperative reason we expect email to have at least the name, address, and phone number of the person sending to us, in addition to the email address.   If requested this will be kept in strict confidence.  We appreciate the sensitive and difficult circumstances under which many people live these days, especially in the Middle East region itself.

                   ****  NEW 800 NUMBER ****

If you are in North America, you can call our new 800 number where messages are quickly forwarded to us by computer 24-hours daily.  Just call 1800 724-6644 and when asked put in our regularly phone number, 202 362-5266, followed by # sign.  You can then leave your message up to one minute.  Make sure to start the message with your name and phone number.

                           GENERAL OFFICE & FAX NUMBERS

You can call our regular office number at (202) 362-5266, of course leaving a message if no one is available to speak with you at the time you call. And our fax number is (202) 362-6965.

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If you are not fully familiar with MID-EAST REALITIES, our unique web site is where you should turn first.  Many past MER features, editorials, and articles are available here. A few video and audio clips from our Weekly Cable TV program are also available; and we hope soon to make clips from radio and TV programs also available.

And while visiting, please read the many READERS COMMENTS FROM THROUGHOUT THE WORLD.   As a former CNN World Report correspondent in the Middle East, now a graduate student in journalism at Columbia University, recent wrote:  MER is "an amazing and rare site. Rich in content, information, and facts that so many other organizations would prefer to hide or color for their own personal reasons.  You have taken over most of the media's responsibility in this country by becoming the providers of important information, overlooked or purposefully ignored by others, and relaying it an accurate, objective, and fair manner.  I commend you on such an effort. The work you have gathered is accurate and in depth, putting everything in clear perspective. The truth hurts, but in the end it is the truth..."