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Produced by Mark Bruzonsky

Nearly 20 years ago now a leading group of American Jews broke from all of the mainstream Jewish organizations and the Israelis and began calling for a real and dignified Palestinian State.  This was before the Oslo Agreement, at a time when Israeli settlements were few, and before since implimented apartheid policies that have now made such a State no longer possible and no longer the "solution".   See JCOME.Org   (28 minutes -1992)

Produced by Mark Bruzonsky

Many years ago leading American Jews began to speak up loudly against Israeli Policies.  Nearly twenty years ago now an organization began by Mark Bruzonsky called The Jewish Committee on the Middle East (JCOME) started the call for suspension of U.S. aid to Israel and a real Palestinian State that at that time would have been possible.  See JCOME.Org
(60 minutes 1993) 


Inspired by real life story of Muna Hamzeh and Mark Bruzonsky
Produced by Mira Hammermesh

Commissioned by Channel 4 in the UK and also shown on PBS in the US this is one of the moving documentaries ever made about the human realities on  both sides of the Israeli - Palestinian divide.   It began when Mark Bruzonsky introduced Muna Hamzeh to Chaim Shur in Washington in 1986.  Muna had never before been willing to meet an Israeli.  When Chaim found out Muna's background he revealed that he has grown up in Haifa watching the famous mayor for 33 years, Hassan Shukri, walk to work on the street still named for him to this day.  Chaim was stunned when Muna told him that Hassan Shukri was her great grandfather!  A vigorous exchange of letters followed between Muna in Washington and Chaim in Tel Aviv.  The letters were then published in the Israeli magazine New Outlook.  At this same time Channel 4 had selected an accomplished film-maker, Mira Hammermesh, given her a major grant of a quarter million pounds, and unleashed her to produce a film about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.  Mira, a child Holocaust survivor with close Israeli connections, was in Tel Aviv where she heard the story and read the letter exchange.  She quickly flew to meet Muna in Washington.  Before it was over the help of many people was needed to overcome all the problems and tensions, including Ezer Weizmann, soon to be the President of Israel, and Phil Klutznick, the former President of both B'nai B'rith International and the World Jewish Congress.   This documentary showed during prime-time evening hours on both Channel 4 (UK) and PBS (US) in 1988 and 1989.  


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