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  "Do Not Bomb Iraq" Statement 
Before the recent February 1998 crisis, MER has been focusing for some time on the U.S. policy of "dual contain- ment" and what amounts to a crusade to bring Iraq to its knees and impose a new "client-regime" government in Baghdad.  The Americans, the British, and the Israelis -- along with key Arab "client-regimes" in Riyadh, Amman, and Kuwait -- remain intent to install a new controlled regime in Iraq.  A major air war to further devastate Iraq and cripple the Bathist party remains likely; and growing CIA intrique is an ever-present fact of life throughout the region.  The following articles dealing with Iraq and U.S. policies have been published by MER during the past six months.  They are now made available in this on-line magazine format at our website for easy reference.

MER Editorial - America the Brutal, the Ugly
* Edward Said: "Apocalypse Now"
* Christmas in Baghdad - Is This Not A Crime?
"Unjust, Arrogant, Contemptuous and Illogical" - MER Quote of the WEEK
MER Readers Speak Up about U.S. Policies
Jewish Composer Speaks Out on Genocide against Iraq
The Year 1997: Hypocrisy, Deceit and Preparations for War..
Torturing Iraq
End Iraq Sanctions Now
Genocide on Iraq: As If 12 to 20 Million Americans Had Been Killed by Sanctions Since 1990
*  Madelein's Tour For Israel
*  "SlaughterHouse" in Persian Gulf Predicted
*  Kosher White House
MER FLASHBACK - Fisk Remembers 1996.
* MER QUOTE OF THE WEEK: Catholic Bishops Plead With Clinton Not To Further Bomb Iraq

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