MER Comment
The impotence and incompetence of the Arabs as a whole couldn't be demonstrated better by their inability even to keep Ariel Sharon and entourage from the first-ever state visit to India. True, it's no longer the India of Ghandi. But even would have thought all the Arabs together, not to mention the Palestinians, would have been able to prevent this terrible embarrassment. Meanwhile, the US/Israeli/India alliance is growing in power, both economically and strategically. And the Israelis are surely going to want to sell much of their military equipment and no-how to the Indians who want to make sure Kashmir is never really independent...just as the Israelis intend for what is left of occupied Palestine:


Prime Minister Sharon departed for an official three-day visit to India
today, the first by an Israeli Prime Minister since the two countries
gained independence in the late 1940's. Accompanying him are Ministers
Limor Livnat, Tommy Lapid, and Yisrael Katz, as well as some 150
others. Israel has high hopes of forging closer security, economic,
diplomatic and other ties with India during the visit.

Sharon will also visit the 4,000-strong Jewish community in Bombay, India's
largest, on Thursday. New Delhi has a much smaller Jewish community. Rabbi
Avraham Binyamin, head of the Bombay Jewish community, told Arutz-7 today
that the ceremony will include speeches by dignitaries, youth activities,
prayers for the Jewish People and the Israeli visitors - and very tight
security measures. (Arutz-7 - 9 Sept 2003)