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Zionists, and their US financiers, gleefully welcomed the death of Yasser
Arafat and claimed that the world would be a better place as a result of his
death. Those of us who fight for Palestinian human rights, who value life
and not death, take no glee in the eclipse of any brain, even one as dark as that of a mass murderer like Ariel Sharon.

Faced with the weasel words of praise for the brute from Zionists like Jack
Straw and Tony Blair, however, we need to remind everyone that Sharon was a
callous and cruel man. He was known in Israel before his election for the
advice he gave to the occupying forces for dealing with Palestinian
demonstrators, "Cut off their testicles!" (Yediot Ahronot, 29/12/82) He also
said that "the only good Arab is a dead Arab." (Maariv, 18/02/83)

For decent human beings everywhere, Sharon will be remembered in the same
way that we recall Milosevic, General Franco, Pinochet and the like. He
believed in the language of terror and blood. His creed was racism and
never-ending ethnic cleansing. It is sick to link such a person's name with

Sharon's life was an unending struggle against the precepts of the Geneva
Conventions and any minimum standards of international law: A few examples:

In 1953 he led Unit 101 that murdered 69 civilians in their houses in the
Palestinian village of Qibya.

In 1971: he bulldozed hundreds of Palestinian homes in Gaza under the
flimsiest pretext of 'security' (Zionists think the uttering of this word
gives them a license to murder and despoil.)

In 1982: he invaded Lebanon, killing more than 15,000 Lebanese civilians.
With sick humour, Sharon's military started one of the many days of mass
murder by commencing their daily shelling at precisely 2.42 and again at
3.38pm on July 26th, "a touch of humour with a slight hint" whose timing
"was not accidental" according to the Israeli paper Davar two days later. UN
resolutions 242 and 338 deal with the rights of Palestinian refugees.

In 1982: he provided the floodlights and military protection for his
Phalange militia allies to massacre up to 3 000 unarmed refugees in Sabra
and Chatilla refugee camps after the Americans had negotiated the departure
of the Palestinian fighters and a 'truce'. An Israeli Commission of Enquiry
found him "personally responsible" and ruled that he was too dirty even for
the politics of the state founded on the mass murder and ethnic cleansing of
a mere generation earlier, in 1948

1990-92: as Israel's housing minister, he organised the rapid expansion of
Israeli colonies on Palestinian land, which is (a mere detail to Blair and
Straw) illegal under international law.

2000: Sharon provoked the second intifada by taking thousands of Israeli
security personnel into the Al-Aqsa mosque .

2003: he started building the massive ghetto system for the Palestinian
people, surrounded by a truly disgusting 8-metre wall which, on completion,
will be 750 km long, stealing large tracts of Palestinian land in the
process. The International Court of Justice ruled that the wall was illegal;
Sharon naturally thumbed his nose at the Court. The Court ruling enjoined
every signatory government to actively work to bring down this illegal wall:
the UK has done nothing whatsoever to obey this ruling of Court.

2005: Sharon boycotted the London meeting on Middle East peace. Naturally.

Sharon has always organised extra-judicial assassinations of Palestinian
leaders, the bombings of Palestinian residential areas, and a host of other
activities illegal under international law.

He has always refused to allow the International Atomic Energy Agency any
access to Isrel's nuclear facilities, revealed to the world by the heroic
Rector of Glasgow University, Mordechai Vanunu.

Sharon's decision - praised to the skies by Blair and Straw - to remove
Israeli settlers from Gaza accompanied the parallel expansion of Israeli
colonies in the West Bank and Jerusalem. Although the indomitable resistance
of the people of Gaza Prison was a factor in Sharon's tactical move, the
Israeli armed forces continue to kill Gazans at will and patrol the borders
around, and air above, those brave people.

Sharon refused to accept even Bush's Road Map.

When they rise to praise a killer, one who was unrepentant even as he
slipped into a coma, Blair and Straw try to align British people with the
crime and rub salt in the wounds of the innocent victims of a bloody and
ruthless nuclear-armed regime. To achieve a durable peace in which Jews,
Arabs and others in the region can live in security, the foul work of Sharon
and all the other ethnic cleansers will have to be undone, and the political
supremacy of Jews over Arabs, of any group over another, will need to be
named for what it is - apartheid - and become a nightmare memory like its
deformed twin in South Africa. The occupation must end and Israel and
Britain (ever perfidious Albion!) must recognise the right of the ethnically
cleansed refugees to return.

The death of one particlarly brutal thug will not, by itself, mean that the
Palestinians can avoid the doom that the Israeli junta and its state has in
store for them. Only worldwide solidarity can achieve that. It is going to
need mass boycotts, institutional disinvestment, international sanctions
against Israel to halt the ongoing violation of the people of Palestine.

Mick Napier

International Liaison Officer
Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign
Faris Helal
Survived Sharon's 1982 massacre at Sabra & Shatilla, aged 6

c/o Peace & Justice Centre
2 Princes Street
Edinburgh EH2 4BJ
00 44 131 620-0052 / 0780 32 44 739

This is an amended version of a statement by the South African PSC. More
information on Ariel Sharon's bloody history can be found on their website