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"I've never heard anyone who has made this stuff
  as clear as you...  It was like somebody had just
        opened the windows and the light came pouring in."
                              Keith Morrison, "CANADA AM" Host (now Dateline NBC)
                  commenting on guest Mark Bruzonsky (9/10/93)

 Weekly Cable TV Program Hosted by Mark Bruzonskyuntil 2003

 White House Peace Signing Ceremony with Rabin and Arafat

COURT TV - "The New War" - 14 Sept 2001  Segment 1    Segment 2

   MSNBC - December 1998

FOX NETWORK NEWS - 12 November    13 November   14 November 1998

CTV - Live commentary throughout the White House Signing Ceremony withYitzhak Rabin and Yasser Arafat

2 Weeks before the White House Ceremony (31 Aug 1993 - 8 minutes)     Watch video   Read Transcript
 1 week before the White House Ceremony (6 Sept 1993 - 5 minutes)      Watch video
WHITE HOUSE CEREMONY - Rabin, Arafat, Clinton  (13 Sept 1993 - 1 hour 17 minutes)    Watch video
1 month after White House Ceremony (13 November 1993 - 5 minutes)    Watch video

Pacifica Radio "Democracy Now", 11 Feb 1998
U.S. policy toward Iraq & the Role of Secretary of State Madeleine Albright -    Listen

CBC - Canadian Broadcasting System NEWSWORLD - September 1992 -  Watch video

CBS - THE DONAHUE SHOW - August 1982 - The War In Lebanon

VIDEO DOCUMENTARIES Written and Produced by Mark Bruzonsky
 Palestinian Statehood (1992)
 We Dare To Speak (1993)
"PEACE PROCESS - Real or Phony"? (1997)

At the present time many of these clips are available in the


RADIO 786 -  Capetown, South Africa - International program about the Middle East conflict linking Tehran, London, Washington, New York, Capetown

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Live commentary for Canadian National TV (CTV) and "Good Morning Canada" throughout the White House signing ceremony with Rabin and Arafat on 13 September 1993.
FOX Network News discussing U.S. policy toward Iraq 12 Nov 1998          13 Nov 1998          14 Nov 1998
MSNBC discussing the Middle East "Peace Process"  -  Dec 1998
Four clips of Mark Bruzonsky on FOX and MSNBC played consecutively