Network: J STREET – The New Smiling Zionist Lobby. By Mark Bruzonsky « Kanan48            Peres lashes out at Goldstone            Palestinian Independence Day? Something Hamas has to call off?            Bluffing or not, Abbas has shown he's no Arafat            Abbas must unilaterally declare Palestinian state!            Hamas was about to Win again, so US, EU, Israel all conspire with Abbas to cancel            AFPAK - Americans Confused, Fearful, Bumbling            Palestinians mark Arafat's death as Moment of Truth Has Come...            By Threatening to Resign Abbas Is Campaigning to Stay            Obama Has Long 'Important' Meeting With Top Israelis.            Can Henry Siegman be Trusted? More from Siegman on 'Israel's pathology' - Haaretz - Israel News            Now the Hashemite Queen Tries To Champion Palestine            HAMAS! Top Israeli leader says YES! But former top Gen Mofaz plan is non-starter. Israelis more desperate for recognition.            Palestinians consider abandoning peace process - Bluff or this time Cornered?            Crafty Israelis Float One More 'Peace Plan'           
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Middle East Teetering As Obama Peace Prize Humiliation Dramatizes

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