Network: Israel's appalling denial of entry to Palestine for African Americans - Worse Than Apartheid Now Prevails            ISRAELI DUPLICITY AGAIN - Little Real Change            British Iraq War Inquiry Has 2 Zionist Jews out of 5 Members            Israel wages campaign to win support for settlement freeze - Haaretz - Israel News   - OBAMA! Watch the video before your West Point speech and before you make a big mistake!            Israelis Push Trickery and Deception Again - Obama/Clinton/Mitchell cornered - Palestinians an Arabs confused. MiddleEast.Org            THE DEAL - Big + for Hamas, Abbas Clinging to Power, Israelis Battling Image, Regional War Preparations Continuing            Google and Search Word 'Jew'.            FlashBack 2005: The Call for an Unprecedented International Media Invesgation into 9/11            Barghouti: Mendela of Palestine?            Ahmadinejad: US and Israel 'don't have the courage' to attack Iran            Israel to target Lebanon not just Hezbollah            Blackwater running covert assassination program in Pakistan            Obama to Pakistan: Fight for Us, Don't Expect us to Fight for You - Kashmir Be Damned            Abbas Keeps Pleading Looking Weaker and More Foolish all the time           
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