Network: Hugo Chavez: Israel plans to 'terminate the Palestinian people' - Haaretz - Israel News            U.N. nuclear agency head laments 'dead end' over Iran            Briefing: What are Hezbollah's true colors?            If Mahmoud Abbas steps down, Hamas official next in line            Israeli Minister: We are in the hands of a terrible U.S. government            The Big Settlement Freeze Scam - Israeli Deception Escalating            Israeli Lobby Uses Ross to Frighten and Threaten Chinese about IRAN            US warns China Israel may bomb Iran unless China does what US instructs            Israel's appalling denial of entry to Palestine for African Americans - Worse Than Apartheid Now Prevails            ISRAELI DUPLICITY AGAIN - Little Real Change            British Iraq War Inquiry Has 2 Zionist Jews out of 5 Members            Israel wages campaign to win support for settlement freeze - Haaretz - Israel News   - OBAMA! Watch the video before your West Point speech and before you make a big mistake!            Israelis Push Trickery and Deception Again - Obama/Clinton/Mitchell cornered - Palestinians an Arabs confused. MiddleEast.Org            THE DEAL - Big + for Hamas, Abbas Clinging to Power, Israelis Battling Image, Regional War Preparations Continuing           
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