Network: EU envoys recommend starter 'sanctions' because: Israel trying to sever East Jerusalem from West Bank            Obama Approval only 35% on Afghanistan            On 'exorcising' Israel bashers from the Jewish mainstream - Haaretz - Israel News            Having Killed the Founders of Hamas and Fateh, the Israelis have also killed any real Palestinian State            UN slams 'discriminatory' Swiss minaret ban            Israeli Army Arms to Fight on Facebook, Twitter, et. al.            EU To Push Palestinian State - But Too Little Too Late            Secret letter to reveal new Blair war lies - Criminal?            For Obama AFPAK may determine his Presidency and the future            If the Vilna Gaon was right, the 3rd Temple is on its way - Haaretz - Israel News            Israelis Purposefully Make Big Deal of Limited, Temporary, Partial 'Freeze'            Israeli Cold Feet About Big Prisoner Exchange with Hamas?            IRAN: Tensions Increase, War Preparations Escalate            Israel's settlements are ethnic cleansing            Iran's Revolutionary Guard increasing control of naval forces           
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