Network: Israeli Lobby Gets Its Way Again - Congress plans Iran sanctions            FlashBack 2003 - A Tale of Two Iraq Photos - Pentagon Lies            Historic New Manifesto Denoucing U.S. Domination and Hegemony since 1945            Domination and Hegemony Denounces U.S. and Israel in the Middle East.            Barghouti Should Reconsider - Call the Israeli Bluff!            Settlers reject Netanyahu plea to respect settlement freeze - Haaretz - Israel News            US Expanding Stealth WAR in Pakistan - More CIA Agents and Secret Hit Squads            Also read WASHREPORT.COM daily. And use the Calendar to read previous days.            Settlement construction freeze is 'temporary' and 'one time.'            Obama the Subordinate - The World's Least Powerful Man            Haaretz Exclusive: EU draft document on division of Jerusalem            Obama: Failed Speech, Failed Policy, Failing Presidency?            Ahmadinejad: Israel can't do 'damn thing' to stop Iran nuclear program            Rightist MK blasts 'racist' Obama demands on East Jerusalem            Israel mulls freeing Barghouti and forcing him into exile           
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