Network: DAMN the SAUDIS - Arrogance and Excess No No Bounds            How the Pentagon Gots Its Way Again - This Time With Obama            FlashBack 2001: Saudis have praise for Bin Laden            Who Is Responsible for the Anarchy in Afghanistan?            Steve Clemons and New America - DO NOT trust - bought up by Zionist monies and hooked by Daniel Levy -            Palestine Note - another duplicitous front org comes to DC - this one promoting the notorious collaborator Ray Hanania - www.MiddleEast.Org            Obama aides say Bin-Laden in Afghanistan, or Pakistan, or don't know. How about long dead?            Netanyahu makes final push to foil Swedish plan to divide Jerusalem            Spielberg's new project - a reality tv show set in Jerusalem            IRAN - We won't fall for it, we're staying with NPT            LEBANON: New Hezbollah platform - seeking freedom from US and Israeli hegemony            How Dubai's burst bubble has left behind the last days of Rome            Tony Blair - Now Paid off by Kuwait and Obscure Others!            Clinton to World: Help us in Afghanistan or Beware!            Israeli Lobby Gets Its Way Again - Congress plans Iran sanctions           
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