Network: Thousands protest in Jerusalem against Israel's settlement suspension            Experts say Iran has clear path to nuclear weapons and Israel is more isolated than ever            German ex-diplomats: Constant support of Israel must cease            SCANDAL! Woodrow Wilson Center Bd of Trustees Chairman is major AIPAC person!            Netanyahu Says Temp 'Settlement Freeze' Will Protect Both Israel and Most Settlements            Israels Further Extend Priority Settlements Beyond the Blocs            The New Israel Con Job: 'Construction in West Bank up despite freeze'            US Fronts for Israel Again! Declares only Israel and Palestinians should decide fate of Jerusalem trying to block...            Israel and Iran - Political, P.R., and Econ Preparations for WAR            Why did Adolf Hitler hate the Jews?            Baghdad Explores Again With Multiple Bombings - 100+ killed            Palestine Note - another duplicitous front org comes to DC - this one promoting the notorious collaborator Ray Hanania - www.MiddleEast.Org            Steve Clemons and New America - DO NOT trust - bought up by Zionist monies and hooked by Daniel Levy -            DAMN the SAUDIS - Arrogance and Excess No No Bounds            How the Pentagon Gots Its Way Again - This Time With Obama           
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