Network: U.S. condemns Palestinian claim that Western Wall 'isn't Jewish'            PALESTINIAN STATEHOOD? Listen to the 4-minute REALITY CHECK at www.MiddleEast.Org            WikiLeaked: John Kerry calls for Israel to cede Golan Heights and East Jerusalem            WikiLeaks helps Obama, Arabs jointly confront Iran nuclear program            Memories and maps keep alive Palestinian hopes of return            Mossad Chief: Lets try IRAN COUP, We Keep Fatah in Control in West Bank            Israel and Canada take lead to Boycott Durban III            Israelis Want Palestinian State To Manage Conflict To Their Advantage            'Saudis on Iran: Cut off the head of the snake'            Trust in short supply at Middle East talks            Israel and Arab Leaders DoubleTeam Urging US to Bomb IRAN            Arab Leaders Urge US and Israel to STRIKE IRAN! US Spies on top UN Leaders            Rigged Egyptian 'Elections' - US Co-responsible            VIDEO: 9/11 Blueprint for Truth - 120 minutes            VIDEO: Top 9/11 DOCUMENTARIES           
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