Network: Crazy Abu Dhabi does it again with $11 million Christmas Tree            US Fingers PAKISTAN!            Settlers begin construction of housing at East Jerusalem yeshiva            Israel lobby PushesU.S. House to threaten PA            9/11 'conspiracy theories'            Security Council ends Saddam-era Iraq sanctions            Iran Threat to Kill American Generals Is Real            Europe threatens to recognise Palestinian state - Telegraph            FlashBack 2004: Arafat recognises Jewish state and limit to return of refugees            Hamas leader says group will never recognize Israel            Clinton's 'We've Failed But We Will Persist' Speech at Israel Washington Lobby #2            Israel Lobby to PA: Declare State and We Take our Money and Guns            Sweden suicide bomber - Handsome UK Muslim            Rosie O'Donnell on the chances for 'Peace in the Middle East'            Palestinian refugee top issue           
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