Network: Is            Chris Hedges on Obama and the rise of Fascism            Up next: 'Al Qaeda in Palestine'?            More and More Doubt About the Official 9/11 Story            Israeli Preparations for war with IRAN - one former General Warns Against            Israel to Build Barrier Along Egyptian Border            CIA bomber radicalized by US and Israeli killing policies            New Israel Nightmare: Nuke Suicide Attack            CIA Bomber's father says the whole Islamic world hate America.            Killer of CIA agents in Afghanistan calls for revenge against U.S.            Exposed - Jordan's Close CIA Ties keeping Hashemite Regime in Power            Omar Bin Laden - the son and the grandson            Wife 'proud' of CIA bomber            The Pictures of War You Aren't Supposed to See            PA Police Force Takes All Orders from Israelis as well as American General Dayton and CIA           
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VIDEO - DISASTER OBAMA - Robert Fisk after 33 years in the Middle East

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