Network: U.S. Speeding Up Missile Defenses in Persian Gulf -            FlashBack 2000: Palestinian State was to be years ago            Clinton Warns China: Isolation and Energy Disruptions Unless China Relents on IRAN            Protestors in Jerusalem - STOP THE APARTHEID            Not one word from Obama about 'Peace Process', Israel, and Palestinians            China accuses US of online warfare in Iran            Saudis Say Israel Must Give Up Nuke Weapons            Lord Goldsmith reveals how US insisted on Illegal IRAQ War/Invasion/Occupation            Israel Hurl Anti-Semitism Charge Again - this time at Turkish PM            The stakes get higher as Arab princes try to outdo each other            Leader Calls US, Zionists Iran's Worst Enemies            FVV            Lebanese in West Africa - how that came to be            Israelis Spread Fear about rise of IRAN            Iraq: three huge bombs kill 30 in Baghdad hotel district           
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