Network: Obama's Afghanistan - Success Very Uncertain            Top American Military to Israel to prepare war with IRAN            Where war goes, propaganda follows            US Dollar Imperiled - US Hold on Middle East Weakening            Nazi swastika adorns Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue            Simon Weisenthal Centre to build 'tolerance museum' on Arab graveyard            Berlusconi - first declares Israel should join EU, then suggests Israel like Nazis            Gaza Totally Impoverished and forced to grovel for everything including electricity            China Caving on IRAN - China silence signals            Hamas threatens to strike Israeli targets abroad            Leading the Charge to Bomb IRAN and remake the M E once again!            Officials: China Cornered - UN Security Council poised to pass Tehran sanctions            What role did Israel play in bringing about the IRAQ War?            Iran to Permanently Suspend Google's Gmail            Israeli Speakers Slammed and Threatened in US and Europe           
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VIDEO - Inside Britain's ISRAEL LOBBY

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