Network: Newsnight defence editor Mark Urban's new book about the Iraq war that the MoD doesn't want you to read            US Doing Little About 3+ million IRAQ Refugees            'If Mideast peace isn't realized now, it may never come'            Iran: Destroy Israel if it strikes            Ultraconservative jihadists challenge Hamas rule in Gaza            Palestinian protesters pose as Na'vi from 'Avatar'            Obama's Afghanistan - Success Very Uncertain            Top American Military to Israel to prepare war with IRAN            Where war goes, propaganda follows            US Dollar Imperiled - US Hold on Middle East Weakening            Nazi swastika adorns Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue            Simon Weisenthal Centre to build 'tolerance museum' on Arab graveyard            Berlusconi - first declares Israel should join EU, then suggests Israel like Nazis            Gaza Totally Impoverished and forced to grovel for everything including electricity            China Caving on IRAN - China silence signals           
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VIDEO - Inside Britain's ISRAEL LOBBY

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