Network: The last Mossad Assassination and Assassinations Past            Despite all Israeli in Dubai            Syria warns Israel new Mideast war would be catastrophic            Top Russian General: Attack on Iran would lead to US Collapse            Capture of leader will not weaken Taliban            In Dubai attack, signs of Mossad shadow war            Israel's 48 Assassins - Mossad's licence to kill            The new McCarthyism sweeping Israel            Germany Hypocrisy! Arming Israel, Sanctioning Iran            Pakistan manuevers around India and US            Robert Fisk: Israel feels under siege. Like a victim. An underdog            'US gave up war plans because of Iran's might'            Interpol 'red lists' Dubai Assassins and is pushed to 'red list' head of Mossad            Iran in the cross-hairs - Israel and the US Prepare            Israeli reporter warns investigative journalism could suffer fatal blow           
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VIDEO - Inside Britain's ISRAEL LOBBY

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