Network: Jewish state won't exist without a Palestinian counterpart            Germany set to sell Israel more subs and warships            Israel's leaders have forgotten Herzl's dream            Leftists respond to Elie Wiesel: An occupied Jerusalem can't be holy            Hamas: US unfit as peace mediator            Iran begins major military drill in PG            Israel to US: NO building halt in east Jerusalem and we're leaking it too!            German troops in Afghanistan call on Angela Merkel to explain why they're at war            ran denounces US nuke threats - Counterthreatens Hormuz            Iran wins regional support for nuclear programme            Fars News Agency :: Iran: N. Fuel Swap Possible Only on Iranian Soil            Pakistani Bootleggers Use Clandestine Tactics to Avoid Taliban            Israeli Pres Says Civilized World Endangered            Israel 'using Facebook to recruit Gaza collaborators'            ISRAEL'S NUKES - The Worst-Kept Secret           
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VIDEO - AIPAC: We're Going to Take Over Berkeley Just As We Do Washington!

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