Network: CNN Editor Fired for Saying She Has Respect Lebanese Leader            Israeli soldiers captured on YouTube doing the 'West Bank shuffle'            CNN editor sad over ayatollah's death            Settlers try radical shifts in tactics            Israeli Soldiers Dance in Hebron to Tick Tock or Rock the Casba            VP Biden in Baghdad Embassy as 'Duck and Cover' Explosions Hit            Turkey threatens 'to sever ties' with Israel            The 1967-war revisited            Mishaal: Hamas will not give up its claims            Egypt FM: Arab League will declare Palestinian state if peace talks fail            Afghans attack U.S. aid company, five killed            IRAN retaliates against Ameican brands - Coke, IBM, Intel...            'Saudi king says Israel, Iran don't deserve to exist'            Castro Wars of great Middle East War            Ethnic Cleansing - Israeli Style - Israel arrests Hamas official for failing to leave East Jerusalem           
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