Network: FlashBack 2008 - They're all grovelling and you can guess the reason            Why Jordan is occupied by Palestinians            Jordan's Abdullah: Egypt could break its peace treaty with Israel            Germany could halt Israel submarine deal over settlements            Assad's first recent Western Interview: challenge Syria at your peril            13 US Troops Killed in KABUL            TORTURE and REPRESSION continue in Egypt - same as Mubarak!            Protesters in Egypt call on military to leave power            Isaelis very worked about IRAN and Arab Spring            China could play key role in EU rescue            Only Amr Mousa rmains - and he wants to be Pres of Egypt            Iran Cautions S. Arabia Not to Become Means of Israeli Plots            Farrakhan predicts repercussions from Gaddafi assassination and Libya takeover            Saudi cleric: Kidnap soldier - get $100,000            Peres Protects Fayyad and Abbas           
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