Network: Iranian war games 'blockade' oil route            THE ARAB SPRING: COULD TURN INTO A LONG AND CRUEL WINTER            IRAN's captured DRONE            US has targeted IRAN ever since the REVOLUTION            UK George Galloway: This is the death knell of the American empire            FlashBack 2004 - FALLUJAH - THE HIDDEN MASSACRE            ISRAELIS push more False History - Who are the Palestinians?            Iran Attack Next? US/Israel/NATO have IRAN surrounded            Saudis and Iranians Hold Big Meeting            Palestinian flag raised at UNESCO after admission            Israel: Iran must chose between a bomb or survival            Some US IRAQ troops being sent to Syrian border area            Turk Pres Skips Lunch with Israel's Pres and Praises Hamas            Wife of Disgraced US Pakistani Amb is U.S. Citizen serving in Pakistan Parliament            FlashBack 2004 - Zionists consider 'Uganda'           
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