Network: The free market secret of the Arab revolutions - Hernando de Soto            FlashBack 1918; Faisal–Weizmann Agreement            Egypt Election: Islamists expected to take majority            Pakistani Court Bars Husain Haqqani From Travel            Israeli defense chief says Israel not seeking to attack Iran, but may have no choice - The Washington Post            The west has Iran in its sights            HISTORY of PALESTINE - 3 minutes from The Never Before Campaign            Egypt: The Brotherhood, From 1949 Assassination to 2012 Power            Israel Seriously Divided Over Plan to Attack Iran            Egyptians Vote....but            Chris Hedges - Passionate Truth-Telling about Israel and Gaza and Palestine            IDF ready to strike Iran -            In Cairo, Reflection as Revolt Pivots Again            The Palestine papers - the strange saaga of Saeb Erekat            Arab spring: an interactive timeline           
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